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  1. Hey there....is there a mathmatical formula for finding the uh of a coil......or anything
  2. Ill try to put a picture on but the numbers are LM8618 - 505SP 047100
  3. the link below is a article on a bunch of sellers that give FREE samples...It dose work.....Try to find your transistor there http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=21.0
  4. hey....Im looking for the data sheet and or schematics for the LM8618. I got it out of an old microwave...it ran the timer screen...It has 64 pins....thanks :-*
  5. Its me again....I was wondering if anyone had a schematic for the ICL7109CQH-D...Thanks
  6. This really does work I just got my shippment from Maxim today..They shipped right to my house..completely free.....thank you for this post
  7. This really does work I just got my shippment from Maxim..
  8. ohh wait never mind I got it....thanks
  9. ohh thanks.....I just have one question wich pin is the audio input
  10. hi..I found a schematic for the DS1869-10 to make a digital volume control...but then I relive all the symbols were like japenese or something like that. So I was wondering if anyone had a schematic for a digital volume control useing the DS1869-10 Thanks
  11. What up..Ok I made this Circuit(THE LINK) http://home.cogeco.ca/~rpaisley4/ComparatorFLIPFLOPDV.GIF....The output of the comparator "turns on" the transistor, is there another transistor or another way of wireing this so that the same output "turns off" a secend transistor..
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