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  1. After reading what I wrote I don't think I described it correctly. Think of this way, (just example) I have a child who I'm taking to the mall I stop to talk to someone and the child see something and wander away before I even had change to notice. Once the child is say 10 feet away from me the device (size of beeper) starts to play a noise to tell me that child is no longer close to me (like leash with no leash). I was thinking the device would just have to send a signal out to see/hear the other device which it then does nothing, if don
  2. Not sure the terms I need but looking to build two device one transmits that you put on something and the other that starts to beep/buzz when other pass the distance of 10 feet away. I would even be nice to have it so you can adjust the distance before it beeps. I know of stuff that beeps when you get to close but trying to make so beep when it gets too far away. I there something already on the market please let me know. Thanks
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