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  1. Hi, does anybody know how to realize this circuit?

    I had similar problem, but mine was with fluctuation of the panel all over. My solution was to power up the pannel on bipolar, i.e. +-5V with midpoint. I suppose your panels allow you to connect them this way, or hopefully they do. The good thing is that you only need few miliampers to power up the thingy. What I did is I used two zeners at 5.1V with resistors, and built basically the analogue scheme of voltage devider, but instead of 4 resistors, I used 2 resistors and 2 zeners. Zeners are connected together in series the resistors are connected again in series - one attached to each zenner. The midpoint between the zenners you can take as zero - it will be relative zero, so between the midpoint and the other pin of the zeners you will have relatively +5.1 and -5.1. The good thing is that you can take the power to power up the zener stabilizators from the rectifier bridge of the PSU, meaning no more transformers in the case. Resistor values will depend on the potential input - use ohm's law. This worked for me and hopefully it will work for you :)

  2. Hi! I have built this psu, but when I connect some load to it and I set voltage to some value and then I decerase current (by setting current limit), voltage decerases too. Has it to be so?

    Thanx for answers. But what should I do when I need to regulate current at some constant voltage? For example for charging of accumulators ... sometimes I need 3.6V and 180 mA, sometimes 3.6V and 1.8 A. Should I build project http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/011/index.html or is it still the same as this psu?
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