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  1. cheers mate, i found a reallllly helpful explanation on www.technologystudent.com and your site helped a lot too thanx for this :D
  2. Hi, I'm Nitish and I love elctronics :P I'm scheduled to take a half-course Electronics GCSE in a week's time and I'm struggling to grasp the concepts of a 555 timer circuit. I understand the difference between a monostable and astable, but I'm required to be able to tell the difference from a circuit diagram (with no time graph etc) can anybody tell me the way to tell between the two types of circuit JUST from a circuit diagram? I believe it's something to do with the pins which are connected to each other (e.g. in an astable pins 2 and 6 connect directly to each other) more info required please please help
  3. hi all! i'm new to this forum and this is my first post (so be nice) lol. I'm quite new to electronic circuit designing and i am currently studying the subject for GCSE. I am doing a coursework for which i need to design an overheating alarm for a PC. It must be quite simple and needs to involve a 555 timer. I would like a circuit which would oscillate a buzzer when the temperature goes over about 45 degrees celsius. It would be good to have a capacitor, a few resistors, a op amp or transistor/darlington pair in it. Any ideas please...thanx a lot! ???
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