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  1. now this definatly shows me up! ??? because i only half understand that!! what im trying to do is create a constant pulse to an automotive coil which will create a spark. the coil charges and discharges only when a pulse is sent to it so if i hook it striaght up to a battery then it wil only charge/disscharge the once. whereas i want it to do this continusly. what type of "pulser" should i be looking for to achieve this? -i set myself this as my 1st electronic project as i figured it would be relativly simple....but im starting to struggle :'(
  2. i want it to pulse about 2-3 times a second, and be able to hold about 30amps max.
  3. i havent a clue what to actually call this, as i am very limited to my electronic knowledge but im going to have a go at learning!! what im after is shall i say a "12volt pulse unit" so that if i connect it to a battery it will send constant pulses to whatever i connect it to. can someone tell me what to call this "thing"!! as i dont know what to call it and therefore i dont know what im looking for on the internet and so therefore i cant buy one! :'(
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