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  1. what is the difference between analog and digital? and the price isn,t really an issue. i would like to design and make a ohmmeter that can read multitable circuits at the same time as well as displaying the results at the same, so iwould like to use the same components that just the ohmmeter use,s and then to mutiply it

  2. ok this is how it is, i need to send set currents down a cable which contains 5 wires and then i need to read the currents on the other end of the cable (wires). i need to know at the same time the readings of each wire, yes i do need to read up on my electronics but thought this way would be easier :-\ thanks

  3. :)you own a electronics store, maybe we can do bussiness i do not need a back light and will need alot more than four screens more like 100 to begin with, sorry to bore you with such a small project but if my sceme works it will require alot of parts which you could supply. my screens will have to be as small as possible

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