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  1. I did a search and encap transformers look like: http://www.dagnall.co.uk/frame.asp?src=products.asp
  2. Thanks, Zombie. Actually, I need the 800-900 VDC to charge capacitor, the energy will be release to a flashlamp in a instant that will lase a YAG Laser. Using a flyback transformer will yield too much voltage, right? how does a PCB encapsulated transformer look like? Is it a 'normal' squarish transformer with a metal core?
  3. Hi Here is a short guide on building a rack-mount, 3 LCD Panel to monitor up to 3 computers. When you turn off the computer monitor, you can use this to check its CPU load, hard disk space, temperature, etc. Great if you are doing a CPU intensive job on the computer that takes hours to complete. The software I use is LCDSmartie. Simple Guide: http://www.hotsource.net/projects/main.php?cmd=album&var1=LCD/&var2=1
  4. Hi It is possible to wire up the Hard Disk Status LEDs from the Adaptec 2610SA SATA RAID Controller. This controller has 6 ports and can connect up to 6 Hard Disks. Here is a simple guide: http://www.hotsource.net/projects/main.php?cmd=album&var1=NAS/&var2=1 Background: I want to build a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device to store my stuff in a central place. After looking around, I found a free NAS software call FreeNAS. It is freeBSD based. I bought a cheap 1U Rack mount server for use with the NAS. I also bought the Adaptec 2610SA from ebay and connect my hard disks as RAID1. I want to see the hard disk activities but the built in motherboard only shows hard disk activities attached to the IDE. So, I begin my search to extract the signal out from the Adaptec 2610SA itself. Then I build a simple LED panel to fit the 1U server.... So, here it is:
  5. I found http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=6517.0 Got questions: (a) How do I vary the output from 0-900V? (b) Will the transformer 'die' if the secondary is open? © Assuming I am using a input voltage of 0-12 V, what will be the transformer rating? Say, primary 12V, secondary 900V Will a 3V to 240V transformer work? If it does, does a 3v to 240V transformer handle 900V? Or must I get exact rating of 12V to 900V transformer? Thanks and hope to hear from the experts!! Cheers!
  6. Hi New Projects I have done lately: Building a rack-mount, 3 LCDs Panel to monitor my computers: http://www.hotsource.net/projects/main.php?cmd=album&var1=LCD/&var2=1 Hacking the Hard Disk Status LEDs from Adaptec 2610SA SATA RAID Card and Building a Display Panel for a 1U Server: http://www.hotsource.net/projects/main.php?cmd=album&var1=NAS/&var2=1
  7. Hi I need to build a simple High voltage DC Power supply for my laser. Specs: Input: either 9-12 VDC or 240 VAC Output: 0-900VDC Possible solutions include using flyback, etc. Any ideas? My Projects: http://www.hotsource.net/projects/main.php?cmd=album&var2=1
  8. My friend installed a brand new Sony Car Stereo complete with CD changer in his Toyota car. We discovered that when he placed his mobile phone on top of the Sony, and when there is a call coming in, the Sony just switches off by itself. This only happen when it is playing CD; it is fine with the radio. We also discovered that it happens with other phones as well. We tested both our phones; which were Nokias. The Sony Car Stereo is CDX-GT460US. Sony Singapore doesn't take our complain seriously and did not believe us Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBi3OkiYioM
  9. and this: http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/hvprobe.htm
  10. if you are thinking of measuring high voltage, you can check below: http://dawntreader.net/hvgroup/divider.html
  11. If I feed the outputs of the flyback transformer to a voltage multiplier made out of capacitors and diodes, will it work? I still need to get 30-35 KV to fire my nitrogen laser. I have no idea what voltage is generated by the flyback but I think it is still not enough to fire my nitrogen laser. I read that voltage multplier works only with AC but the output from the flyback is probably pulsed DC so I am not sure..... anyone out there done this before?
  12. It works!! Hooking the flyback directly to a make-shift jacob's ladder using some copper wire used for decorations, I am able to get purple coloured arcs with hissing sounds... It is drawing about 1 amp when the voltage is 15 VDC. The reason it didn't t work was that my previous supply was not able to supply the required power. Here is another pic: tdwister is right on the flyback pinouts, capacitors and resisters values... kudos and thanks to tdwister!!
  13. Hi I have wired the PCB, Flyback all together, soldered all the components but it doesn't work:=( I am able to see an AC at the primary o/p of the PCB around 7-8 V a.c. (actually pulsed DC) but I can't seem to get anything from the flyback HV output. The MOSFET IRFP460 doesn't even get warm.. What am I doing wrong here??
  14. HI tdwister Thanks for the advise. I have come across zillions of warnings about high voltage stuff and I know it is lethal and mistakes can be fatal. Thanks again for the reminder... I am threading carefully because there are still a lot of unknowns.. For example, (a) The HV output from the flyback should be pulsed DC, right? (If if has a built-in diode) I am not sure the one I got from Plans & Kits has one... (b) The back-emf at the primiary, will it fry the MOSFET IRF460? Some circuit I saw include a capacitor and a diode across the mosfet... © Can the HV of the flyback be open circuit? Like not connecting to anything; will it get fried.. I am thinking of connecting a 'jacob's ladder' assembly directly to the outputs of the flyback... (d) Do you know what is the current draw for the 12V? I have a 12V, 2 amp supply but I dun know if this is sufficient. (e) There is a beefy capacitor in my N2 laser unit. The seller from ebay told me it needs 25KV to self fire. That is why I am building this HV stuff.. (f) I thought of an alternative lately.... I have an electronic hand-held mosqitoe zapper. It is rated at 2000V at the output and runs on 2 nicad batteries. I think if I build a 10 stage voltage multiple (cap & diodes) and connect it to the output, I can get near 20KV. Does my idea make sense or is it just nonsense.... Thanks and hope to hear your insights on the subject again.... Cheers!
  15. Hi tdwister Thanks! I shall use the following values R1=33K, R2=22K, 5K POT and 0.001 uf and IRF460. I will also use 12V too, I just need 25KV. BTW, how do you measure 15KV!! Thank you very much.
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