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  1. tanx a lot for the help,, im on my way to the workshop, du e svensk? bor i övertorneå, går radio tv linja, på praktik her nu.. :o :Dpost me if u need schematics
  2. i think u can upload up to 3 mb, u can pack it to get it smaller,, i think it can help me a lot, have to see the circut to know if its the same chassi thanx anyway ;)
  3. hmmm, u dont have to read any German language, u just have to press tv , audio , video, or other, and download the schematics u need ;D by the way , anyone need any schematics, just post me, i got about 4gb schematics, for tv , video , audio, cars and some other stuff im interested in links to other pages containing schematics for free :P
  4. hmm, u got paperverson or?,, the videoprosessor aint working properly, and no rgb out,, vcc, sda, scl are fine, no osd, no pic ???
  5. need schematics for my own panasonic tx28xd1e , have been looking on the net for weeks, only got a 20" old junkbox home now,,, help
  6. ::) this page has almost everything,, nice links too : http://www.e-plan.josefscholz.de/Audio/Audio.html
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