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  1. Hi everybody, that's my first post here! I need to measure a ECG(ElectroCardioGraph), but the signal are to small(About 4 mV total range) and low frequence(1~200Hz). I realy dont know how to do it.... :'( I think that the steps are those: 1 - Measure de signal 2 - Pass into a filter(LowPass with AmpOp) 3 - Amplify with AmpOp 4 - A/D convertion 5 - MCU processing I need to know how to do the steps 2 and 3.... ??? With Op Amp to use and maybe some examples. I'd like to know if any boby here already have this problem. I'm from Brazil, and here some Instrumental Op Amp are too expensive, I'd like to use cheap Op Amps(Like 741, 358, 353,etc)...I really don't need a lot of precision.... Other information, my supply will be only one 9v battery..... :( Thank you in advance, Tercio
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