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  1. "metalized poly film" could I just use standard film/foil cap? wouldn't film/foil also be better
  2. to mr. Audioguru, I want to build this, but I have some questions about it ( how the schematic compares to the picture) I see 14 capacitors in the schematic, but I seemed to only counted 13 capacitors in the picture of the completed picture I see some bigger power? precision? resistors on the picture. What power rating, etc should they be? What do the 2 vari-caps do? I'm also really unsure about what capacitors to use. Thanks really much
  3. something similar happened on a old CRT TV i had a long time ago. I used it for about 4 years, then the picture went all crazy. For 1 week, the picture would be displayed for some thme (about 30 secs), then the screen was off ( blank ) for about 30 secs. Finally, the screen just went all blank. While this was happening, the sound was alright. Now, the TV is taken apart by me, I salvaged a lot of parts from it :) I have no clue why this happens? anyone knows what might cause this? I also have a old computer, and there's a problem with the CRT moniter's display. Most of the time, the screen is stretched , the left + right part of the screen would be cut-off. A pin was missing from the VGA connecter, but the funny thing about this is 80% of the time when I press hard on the sides, or top of the moniter or just bang it, the screen on the moniter would fit the screen and not be stretched for a few seconds, to a few minutes. Now its just abandoned. Weird, if anyone knows why this happened, its appreciated
  4. They have one on ramsey electronics for $169 http://www.ramseyelectronics.com/cgi-bin/commerce.exe?preadd=action&key=PL500 I've seen someone sell one of those on Ebay ( a new kit) a long time ago for just $49, and it was something like this : it was a present for their child and the child wasn't very interested. Good Deal Though ;) Just search around
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