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  1. Can anyone help me find the schematic diagram(s) of AXION CL 1770 computer monitor? I would very much apreciate that. Thanx.
  2. Have you considered using your paralel port(IEEE 1284) for that aplication.By converting the output lines(wich are bidirectional) to input lines you'll have 8 input lines. There are 4 aditional input line that you can use as "sensors" by grounding them. You can program the IEEE 1284 interface to sense when one or more inputs ar grounded...So,your "master IC" would be the printer port controller :). Well,50 switches is :o .You could multiplexe the inputs or get a dedicated IC for that(if someone knows one,he/she could suggest it) Concerning the data transfer(sending numbers) I can't be of much help as i'm new at it. I hope i was helpful(even a little bit).I'll post some schematics for you ASAP. Good luck with your project!!!
  3. In order for me to help,you'll have to tell me more about your audio aplication(how powerfull you want your amps to be,etc) Let me know what's on your mind,so I can try to guide you through. ;)
  4. What domain should the thesis relate to?(audio,video,automation,etc)
  5. Mixos,you've had a great ideea showing those pic of a CRT tube's inside view... Although,i'm prety familiar with the inside of a CRT,i've got one question:What did you use to cut the CRT's thick glass??Because the shape of the "incision" is very precise...I've never managed to open a CRT tube that nice(A long time ago,when my curiousity for the inside of a CRT manifested,i usualy broke them CRT's with a hammer! :D)
  6. Audioguru,that XT i've mentioned earlier,it's the oldest i've got. I have other old stuff,newer than that one... Including 486(6 of them) in various configurations.... Regarding Ti99 and Ti products,i have an old CC40 and i was thinking if someone can help me with a Ti BASIC programming guide(PDF or any other format) for CC40. Maybe calorock could help me....
  7. Well,speaking of old computers,my room could be considered,two months ago,an old-computer museum. Steam-operated,pedals-operated,animal traction-operated,you name it!!! ;D ;D Along with over 70 microcomputers(HC,Sinclair,Comodore,Atari,TCS,etc...) all functional btw.,i have an XT computer,Manufactured by Robotron-Germany(R.D.G.) in 1984,with a OMNILOGIC 8086 CPU running at 4,77 Mhz,640K memory(two full-lenght XT boards filled with RAM chips),an MDA Video card,keyboard but no mouse,NO BIOS!!!,a double floppy disk controller for two 720K/5,25 inch FDD,an 8251 HDD controller for a 20 Mb MFM HDD(dating from the time when hdd's were sent by the manufacturer with factory-marked bad sectors list),a printer controller,and AMAZINGLY!!!,a 14,4 K acoustical modem(XT card+accesories) The computer is curently up and running(it took me almost a month to repair it)and i have all accesories for it(printer,keyboard,monitor,floppy disks with software,etc) I've even managed to install Dos 6.22 and Pascal on it. I had over 200 old computers(microcomps,XT,AT) but it got REEEEEEEALY crowded in my room,as you can imagine - so i had to give away or sell most of them two months ago... :( very unfortunate thing for me... But i kept the Robotron and i still use it from time to time for dos games and ancient software.... So,is there anyone who can overcome that?Or anyone who has the "old computer's collecting bug" around here? If so,step forward... 8)
  8. I built mine allmost a year ago and before that i made custom 5.1 audio systems for a few people... I would like to share info and even get some new ideas regarding home-made analog 5.1 sound systems. :)
  9. Balder,the link you gave was useful to me... I found the schematic of ORION T20MS.(I've been looking for that for a loooong time) Thanx and keep up the good work!!! ;)
  10. Diana, According to your needs,you have a large amount of options.I'll suggest one now. Try using,for example,some Philips low-voltage audio amp. ic's(TDA7050T and TDA8559).The ic's that i'm about to suggest,although they aren't SMD,their schematics consist in very few external components(or NO external components whatsoever) The ic's both comply(more or less) with your supply voltage requests(still,i recomend a higher supply voltage,at a higher current maybe - 2 button cells would be better),they both have output fixed gain and they are suited for portable applications. From where i'm looking,they are a good option for your project,and they aren't exphensive either. Anyway,the links to the datasheets are : http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/pip/TDA7050T_N3.html http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/pip/TDA8559T_N1.html ST has some low-voltage stereo amps.I've selected two ic's for you:TDA2822D or TS4900 series.Here are links to the datasheets: http://www.st.com/stonline/books/ascii/docs/1463.htm http://www.st.com/stonline/books/ascii/docs/8482.htm Loooooong lists of amps and their datasheets(only if you have a considerable ammount of patience ;) )are: For Phillips: http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/catalog/219/283/27117/27130/46145/27133/index.html#27133 For STMicroelectronics: http://www.st.com/stonline/books/toc/ds/1268.htm Hoping that the info will prove somehow useful,i wish you a sincere GOOD-LUCK with your project.
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