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  1. The major problem here is the default shipping option for the distributors is via UPS or DHL. As i live in India, when you convert the amount in Rupees, it becomes really unaffordable. That's why i wanted a forum member to send me the IC via USPS(I'll pay the shipping)..
  2. I need two DS1620(digital thermometer) IC's urgently. I've requested through the website, but it's gonna take over a month for it. I really need the IC's before this weekend. If anybody has a spare DS1620 IC(s) lying around, can you get them shipped to me? I'll be glad to pay for the shipping. Please mail me or pm me. My mail ID can be found in my profile. Thanks in advance guys..
  3. Check this link: http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM2936.html The part u need is LM2936Z-5.0 in da list..
  4. I need a RF transceiver operating in the ISM band or so, for local data telemetry using FSK or ASK, in a DIP or PDIP form, that i can request as a sample(i.e. for free).. Any ideas? I know it's cheap of me, but in India, component availability is very suspect. Please help me guys..
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