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  1. ill definitely share an experience here .
    i tried pulling out an IC once from my board by heating the chip till it melts .
    i discovered it may affect the neighbouring devices as they may get overheated .if u hv not put the neighbouring chips ,perhaps u can melt the plastic using solder iron

  2. hi saiello.

    i myself have not used it but have seen people using it.
    this is a very compact and easy way of printing the circuits but i personally dont recommend it just because of the fact that i see a possibility of the tracks getting shorted down even if a bit of ink spreads specially if tracks are closely spaced.

  3. hi audioguru!

    even if we consider a diode as a capacitor in this reference ,what happens when we short circuit the ends of a capacitor?
    will it not get discharged?why wont the electrons on n side move to holes on p side through the external wire?

  4. Hi all.

    I want to know ,what will happen if we short the 2 terminals of a diode?
    will the current flow?

    what i suspect:

    Current will flow for some time till charge concentrations equate and diode is destroyed .....
    i.e its functionality gets over....

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