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  1. hi audioguru! there's a bad news.this new circuit gives excellent results on orcad simulation(as desired)but when i made the circuit,it produces a very weak signal at o/p which i thought to be battery noise,what do u have to say? prateek
  2. dear sir; i know that it wont give a perfect d.c voltage at the o/p.but if we see the actual doctor's non electronic stethoscope,there we do not see any a.m wave kind of thing.do you mean to say that doctor actually listensto electrical signal corresponding to an a.m wave? i have tried both speakers and earphone.when i did not get anything i simulated it on c.r.o and orcadlite software.both gave me this a.m waveform.please comment. thanx
  3. i simulated this ckt of stethoscope on circuit maker and orcad latest edition .both gave amplitude modulated kind envelope at o/p.please help /comment on this
  4. hi every body, i have spend 3 precious months of my college life working on this project of electronic stethoscope.i made it thrice with one of my friend's help but could not hear anything other than humming noise in the speakers.soldering is perfectly alright.when i tried to trouble shoot it using a c.r.o i got an amplitude modulated kind of waveform at the output . please help. prateek
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