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  1. i feel that u dont even need a scope!!. u can perform continuity test using a multimeter only...
  2. good to hear that matter solved.. anyway audioguru,why u deleted it???? ;D
  3. was there an attachment with the mail? could be a virus as well....
  4. hi. can anyone tell me what exactly is power line communication? and how is this implemented.? i think it is used to convey signals through the power lines and not through separate signal lines....
  5. well 555 has an innumberable applications
  6. hi all! can anyone tell me what is inside a DSP Processor? how is it different from a normal processor? thanks in advance
  7. hi all! i wish to have the list of companies which deal in core electronics like VLSI,Design tools,Communication Systems etc....can anyone help me. thanks in advance....
  8. hi.... 10 jumbers v/s 10 resistors.... where goes the cost of the system.well do u people say that these are used in automated systems which manufacture the PCBs by soldering the components? thanks for reply in advance
  9. i guess crystal commercially come with 2 legs which can be inserted into the component side of the zero purpose PCB.thats it.... what else?
  10. hi zeppelin! well can u give me the matlab code for any 3d antanna radiation plot? i need to see the major and minor lobes .say the plot for a dipole antenna. pls give me the code i mean the syntax etc.thanks
  11. hi all! i am trying to generate a pattern to be displayed on the screen of a black and white(monochrome TV) i need to generate a square wave of any integer multiple of 15625 Hz. Can anyone put up the exact working schematic.i feel that i can use a crystal and two not gates .thats it but i need exact circuit. thanks in advance
  12. ya i do have the mathematical equation. it may be any equation but i am unable to generate the plot. can u help? the equation may be say y=sin(sin(x)) basically i need a 3-d plot showing all the lobes.
  13. Hi all! I need MatLab command /code to generate the 3D radiation patterns of antennas specifying the major and minor lobes. Thanks
  14. WELL as of i know there is a big difference between solenoid and inductor...
  15. well GTO is a Gate Turn On Thyristor .Some people call it HEX FET....
  16. HI AUDIOGURU! me too have just heard !!! we are in same boat.actually somebody recommended me and i am not in touch with that person.i searched a lot for this device on the net but could not find one.do tell me if u get thanks prateek
  17. Hi all! I need a GTO which conducts at 12 V anode supply and 10 V of gate supply and should be able to give atleast 40 Amps of current to drive automobile headlights. THANKS IN ADVANCE PRATEEK
  18. Actually i need a GTO which conducts
  19. hi audioguru! in am any transmitter or receiver or any other transistor circuit for that matter, does the collector supply of the transistor matter? how does oe decide how much supply to chose? 5V ,6V,12V? what can happen if it exceeds or lowers below the desired value?
  20. hi audioguru! there are ofcourse many FETs operating on 300 A even but i need the one which operated from a 10V supply between drain and source as higher supplies are not commercially available here.another of my requirements is that it should saturate at a gate voltage pulse of 10V.can u suggest one for me? anyway what factors govern the supply for a transistor?ive seen some operating at 5 V and some at 12 V collector voltage while some at 100V even. !!!
  21. hi all! i need an FET or any other transistor for that matter which goes into saturation at 10V input gate voltage and gives out a drain current of about 20-30 Amperes.The drain source voltage is 10V I need to drive car lights with this amount of current. can anyone help me?
  22. what is the harm in keeping the fan on all the times?
  23. hi audioguru! we often see the concept of virtual short b/w the 2 input terminals and we also see that both are at near ground potential. het wait if that is the case,where is the signal to be amplified???? pls tell me... ::)
  24. besides this u can get a few software projects as well ... from www.howstuffworks.com and search on the net for C codes and DSP algorithms as well
  25. hi audioguru! what is the principle behind these spark generators? high voltage electrodes brought close? as in a welding system or something else?
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