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  1. i cant see the diagram very clearly but still i can say that some times the capacitors have to be used for supply filtering too i.e to remove the ripples in a dc supply.the purpose may not look very promising to a newbie!!!
  2. what all programming languages do u know? are u interested in a hardware project(circuit design or schematic making) do u know C? there are a lot of hardware projects on www.aaroncake.net
  3. do u wish to smoothen it to dc with an aim to remove all the ripples in the supply? if that is the case i guess a simple electrolytic capacitor can do ur job.good luck!
  4. hi there! the method which i just told in my last post is popularly known as the method of balancing of EMFs.u can search on the net for the same....the standard EMF which u use must be grater than the EMF to be measured...... We use the unknown EMF to balance the potential drop across a wire across which the main EMF is connected. good luck!
  5. thru a standard known emf cell and a potentiometer wire. i guess we do this experiment in school here in india did u do this?
  6. look for books on linear control systems which cover all aspects of bode plots like Nagrath and Kothari.. K.Ogata etc are few good ones
  7. shorted capacitor shows 0 resistance becoz both plates are metal and open shows infinite due to dielectric b/w them
  8. u can analyse it as: there is a constant work going on in the battery to keep the charges separated. this work is done by emf
  9. i use the ones locally made in india here as far as such components are concerned. except for the ICs and intelligent chips ,i dont think it makes much difference....
  10. check out the following link http://www.rentron.com/pc-relay.htm
  11. 5 V SMPS is easily available in the markets. why do u need to build it?
  12. Even if we do use it,what amount of bandwidth can it provide? i guess very large but as they are harmful they are not put to commercial use. the same is the reason for not so much progress for microwave links over Optical communication.i.e microwaves are harmful ;D
  13. do u need to troubleshoot this circuit ? have u simulated it? from schematic itself even i cant make it out!
  14. hi Mwee i cant see the circuit u have posted properly here clearly. the image is blurred.... yeah u can do with a smaller pot always but the only thing is the fear of getting damaged .because it will although divide the voltage but it wont offer much resistance between terminals 1 and 3. thats it otherwise u may use an auto transformer. good luck
  16. there are a large number of methods to solve a circuit i.e implementing the circuit in hardware from its given response may be as a boolean equation or the o/p results in a discrete manner....
  17. hi what are the views of u all if i call Triac as a controlled transistor and transistor as a controlled diode?
  18. the only thing is that the PC side and the circuit side should have a common ground...be it directly shorted or through an optocoupler. just see the amount of power on both sides ,if it differs by a large amount then better use an optocoupler otherwise short the grounds directly.
  19. hey! i dont understand 1 thing! do u want to build up a parabolic microphone? why are u doing it when they are commercially available? or u want the rest of the circuit?
  20. are u aware of a method known as Karnaugh s map commonly called as K map? ;D
  21. hi kevin! i agree with your point that we can measure voltage at a point with one probe only.but there is one condition .... to give us this right,we are forced to assume earth at zero potential wrt anything else on it. take for example a +5 V can be measured w.r.t 0V with 1 probe only.there would be no probe at all.But u need a second probe to see if the other lead is at -5V to see if the p.d is 10V and not 5V !!!!! i hope u are more clear.... ;D
  22. GAIN IS SIMPLY ADDED IN TERMS OF decibels. 10dB gain and a 3dB loss accounts for a net gain of 7dB for the receiver... Free space has a trasfer function of 1.so the power spectral density at the receiver is the same as that at the transmitter. Assuming FSK transmission Probability of error=1/2*erfc(0.6*Es/No) if u are using ASK then 0.6 is replaced by 0.25 it is 1 for PSK. For a giver BER i.e probability of error u can get signal energy....
  23. try out the following link to stydy more about triacs and SCRs: http://www.uoguelph.ca/~antoon/gadgets/triactst.htm
  24. i always compare voltage with water levels.believe me there is perfect analogy. ive seen people converting electrical problems to hyraulic problems and solve them.!!!!!!
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