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  1. hi guys! does anyone of u know that we can see an IR led glow with the help of a mobile phone or any other digital camera. does anyone know why is it so? if anyone comes to know pls share ur views. thanks! ;D
  2. the topic deviated! Actually i had read about an experiment which people in rural areas of our country do ... in india mains voltage is 230V(standard) but in rural areas it falls to say 130V which makes the people impossible to run their appliances. they generally put the ground wire in wet mud(soaked in water) and voltage rises to 230! and believe me its true! can anyone suggest a mechanism behind this(rural people dont know the logic! ofcourse!!!!!) ;D
  3. hi all! today i noticed a strange phenomenon. when i dip the grounding wire of my household in water the line voltage increases in magnitude . how could that be?from where does the excess energy comes? thanks in advance...
  4. ill cretainly do it alun as soon as i feel it.thanks guys for the help
  5. Nothing special about such a job i guess, anyway who made u the moderator? how can i proceed if i want one?
  6. Strange boss! ultimately its the market to the end user! So strange of you.audioguru! could u please post an answer for my query in Circuits/general requests/Frequency selection please! thanks!
  7. i guess i cited same example for audioguru when we were discussing the difference between science (physics) and maths more precisely scientist and engineer, scientist says its possible to build while engineers say NO! ;D
  8. perhaps u really go out for lunch! he he he ;D
  9. hi yousef! i didnt understand what did u say! why cant we integrate a time function? i guess theres no problem in it.
  10. I guess a piezobuzzer has a diaphragm and it oscillated at a fast pace when supply is connected across it. i guess the frequency of oscillations would be too high at say 30V thats why it burns out.Generally most electronic devices are rated at max 12 -15 V.I use this mark as the distinction with electrical engineering which deals with high voltages above say 20V. HEE HEE ;D
  11. an when the food is same ,the one who is more hungry will eat up most of it. the same is the case with a series circuit. the lower resistance draws more current froma fixed power supply.
  12. hi jitender! if i am not mistaken u are talking about pulse amplitute modulation.The amplitude of same ,symmetrical pulses is varied in accordance with modulating signal.just like AM .but it is pulses as carrier rather than a sinusoid. ;D
  13. hi audioguru! i guess it could even burn out at 6V.why do u call it extra loud? are u sure?
  14. google search did not help me too! anyway what was ur project and which problem were u facing?
  15. even if u omit the signal integral of cosine wave i.e cos(2*w*t) over one period of T is zero. thats why it is zero! ;D
  16. hi ante! speaking about the case just before turn on of the first thyristor, the net rating of the system does increase!
  17. hi there! this also says the same as i said in my last post . u commercially cant get a negative resistance of say -10 ohms .only some devices exhibit such results and that too under some conditions.
  18. WHY NOT? indeed it is a force field. it forces a positive charge to move along the lines of the field.
  19. pass through it? my friend anything can pass through it! even the charges the field pattern will change by a small amount in such a case.remember no two field lines can ever intersect. thats me! ;D
  20. hi all! A device can never be purely negative resistance.Even a tunnel diode has a negative resistance but that too in a definite voltage range. But there is no negative resistance of say -4 ohms as such. ;D
  21. hi ante! I guess when he connects thyristors in series the voltage rating will definitely be improved but it wont guarantee reliable turn on and turn off. What made u say that voltage rating wont increase?
  22. hi alun! i guess all of us will do either! but i was just having a general query.i am happy where i am..... ;D :D
  23. and moreover,different batteries have differennt chemicals and u might be requiring different mechanisms to charge them efficiently. ;D
  24. hi ffrige! as far as i know there is no negative impedance! u can only make it capacitive or inductive by conjugates of corresponding complex values. how did u acheive this negation of impedance?
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