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  1. Hi there I am working on a project which requires two voltage inputs from an smps. Because my time is limited i don't have enough time to design and implement my own smps so i have decided to go with an open frame ready made one. The one i am planning to use is 5V, 8A output. Because i need two inputs to my circuit i want to modify the smps to output 5V at 1-2A and 3.15V with the rest of the current. Any ideas on how this can be done? Thank you
  2. And i have never seen a stepper operating at 12V . :) If you check the following pdf you won't find even one stepper with a 12V rating, they are all below 10V.http://www.astrosyn.co.uk/docs/l-series-stepper.pdf If i use a different supply for to the Vbb pin and the stepper will it work?
  3. Isn't there a workaround to use those ICs? Do you know of any ICs operating in this voltage range because i have been searching all day long and all seem to work with 10V or more. Thank you
  4. Hi I am working on a project to drive a stepper with the use of a SLA7051M unipolar stepper driver. The typical circuit diagram suggested on the data sheet has a common supply for both the Vbb pin and the steppers. My problem is that the Vbb must be supplied with 10-44V and i have a stepper rated 3.15V. How can i connect those two together? Thank you
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