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  1. hi gazza. thanks for the article. but it still doesnt let me extract out dc voltage for small signal usage from the mains.. theres a device i have in hand now that does the specific application. but i cant see the components used as it is covered with some kind of protective layer over the critical components.
  2. thanks for the quick reply. my purpose for this is to replace an existing wall switch with some RC control switching (infrared, wifi, etc). but.. those conventional wall switches has only a live wire coming in... and an output wire going out connecting to the load. i do not have the intention of connecting any neutral wire to the device... because that would require extra wiring to the existing switch... yeah, in my sketch it acts exactly like a switch and i would want to know if there is a way to draw power from the live wire and converting it to dc power without lighting up the load ;D ..
  3. hi! how do i draw power to power up a small signal device using a single incoming live wire? firgure below illustrates the desired connection: live ---------------{device}---------------{load}---------------- neutral what i want to do is to have the device to draw power from the live wire even when i do not want to switch 'on' the load(let say a halogen light) connected after the device. thanks!
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