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  1. Hi Ante, it's good to see that you are back :D. You have sorted the problems you have been having accessing this site? Thanks for the link :), I did find something of interest 8).
  2. audioguru ::),"LOL" [move] ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D[/move]
  3. It's a good thing that you mentioned this danger Ante :o, I love to pull things apart to see how they work ;D, a lithium battery would have eventually became a victim of my curiosity :o.
  4. yeah it's audioguru shout tonight 8), but he has to drink them all himself :P, because if he swam to Australia the beer would tipp out, because we are all upside down here ;D ;D ;D.
  5. Hi spleblem, I think the community has spoken on this suggestion/idea, by not speaking, commenting ;D. And I am not interested in trying to promote this idea any further to the community, if there is no interest ;). Maybe you could post a request in the "buy/sell area" under something like components swap, and request some recycled components you require, and a list of components you're willing to trade. Maybe once members see a few successful trades, it might generate some interest ???. I might give it a go myself and see what happens 8).
  6. Hi, I thought I might post an update, on my progress with this project. Well I'm very glad I've taken on this project, it's been a very good learning experience 8). Even though I still can't get the bl__dy thing to work properly >:( ;D. The picture quality it transmits is now pretty good, and I'm confident I can improve its picture quality and range 8), but the big problem I'm having is getting the sound to come through. I'm determined to do my best to get this thing working without asking for any more help, so I'm going to keep at it until I get it to work ;), or until I run out of patience and accidentally stand on it a few times or have to ask for help ;D ;D.
  7. Nice work audioguru :), I always find it helpful to have a pic of the project I want to construct. I'll get started on it once I have finished the two projects I am working on now ;), or at least finish putting them together then comeback later to get them working properly as I often do ;D.
  8. So far so good, project completed and I can see a very bad quality picture on my little portable TV, with no sound and no colour, Channel 5 seems to work best. Q4, is getting hot I can hold my fingers on it for about two seconds, should it be getting this hot ??? Maybe this is a sign that some think isn't right.
  9. Thanks audioguru :), Actually I did go ahead and solder in two 22pF, not because I thought it was the right capacitor, it was because the coin I flipped came up heads ;D. There is one final thing I am unsure of :-[, L1 0.15uH miniature inductor? I don't have a listing for it, any idea on how to wind it myself :-\ .
  10. Hi :), I'm having a problem deciding which capacitor to use for C7 & C9, it says that it is a 2.2 pF in the parts list, but in the schematics it is a 22pF ???
  11. Hi audioguru, I have a listing in my Jaycar catalogue for a (LM386N-1) low voltage 1 watt amplifier. And I just found in my junk box an (TL072) :D. While I am away, I'm hoping to get the chants to visit a Jaycar electronics shop, there usually very knowledgeable, unlike Dick Smith >:(, so hopefully they can offer me some solutions/alternative components for both my projects :).
  12. Hi, audioguru, Sasi, Yes there is an "L" printed on the PCB, and if I would have taken a closer look, I would of scene that there was a very small inductor symbol ::). There are three dots one large 1 on the side and 2 on top, for example large dot Brown, two small dots on top black then Brown. Sasi, how well did your TV transmitter perform? Good quality picture, how good was its range when using a telescopic whip Arial :). I'm going away for a couple of days over Easter, so I should have this project completed by the end of next week. Have a good Easter everyone, and drive safely if you are going away for the Easter break ;).
  13. Hi, Can anyone tell me if those are inductors in the pic posted above, the "blue things" I'm pretty certain that they are ;D. They have coloured dots on them, can anyone tell me how to workout their value? :)
  14. Hi Sasi, Can you offer me any more info for this component"IFT ?", did you make this project? Thanks for your reply :D.
  15. Hi audioguru, Alun, Yes that does sound dumb audioguru, but I haven't noticed any interference ???, but what can you expect from people that walk upside down ;D. Yes the project does give some information about the transformer, including its part number and manufacturer, but I can't find any info about it anywhere on the net ???. I attached the entire project and details PDF, with my first post ;). Alun, Thanks for the suggestion, alternative method :). When I was very young I had one of those very basic tennis computer games that you played on your TV, I didn't even have to connect it to the TV, it would work from some distance away 8). Ok, I think I'll just put this thing together, and then report back with an almost working unit ;D. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it :) :) :).
  16. Hi, I'm going to give this project ago, I want to use it to listen to my unborn child's heartbeat 8). audioguru, could you please suggest some alternatives for the (LM386)and(TL072) if there are any suitable replacements. Thank you :).
  17. North America TV channels frequencies channel 2 to 6 CH limits MHz 2 54-60 3 60-66 4 66-72 5 76-82 6 82-88 I got this from a calculator I found on the net, hopefully it is accurate. It looks as though there is only about one channel difference to Australia's channels, so I could align the transmitter to channels between 1 and 5,all of which are free except for Channel 3.
  18. Hi audioguru, I'll post the entire page, it's from the data section of the Dick Smith catalogue. It says to use between channel 2 and Channel 6 when attempting to align the transmitter, I'll do a search to find out what those frequencies are for North America after this post. Well that's really good news :D, if that's the only real hassle I will have with this project is T1. I guess if it comes down to it, I could use trial and error :o. Is there any simple way of measuring these transformers?, maybe an AC voltage at the primary, and then measure the voltage at the secondary, this may give a bit of an idea of the ratio between the two windings ???, I don't really know I'm just guessing here ;D.
  19. Hi audioguru, Thanks for your reply. So that means every time I use my TV transmitter, I will have to have a Guinness, O well if that's what it takes :P ;D. I have a lot of bits and pieces from old video recorders, maybe there's some think in their. No I don't really know what I'm looking for, but I certainly can get a hold of plenty of old TV's. Would their be anything else that would need to be modified, that sounds too easy. Actually I have a little old colour TV that I can take the back off and take a snapshot ;D, or maybe I could even scrap that TV the picture quality isn't very good anyway ;D.
  20. Hi audioguru, You are a real asset to this community ;), I greatly appreciate your efforts and there are countless others, that I'm certain do as well :). [move]Thank you audioguru [/move]
  21. I really want to make a TV transmitter, I have several uses for it mostly I want it for my arcade machine project. I have found this project some time ago from POPTRONIX, but there are a few things I am unsure of, firstly whether it will work for me in Australia and secondly (T1) 4.5-MHz 1F-can-style RF transformer , I have a heap of these RF transformers that I have salvaged, but I don't know how to tell if any of them are suitable, would it be possible to make my own? anyone have any idea. I am a little unsure on what I'm looking for, when searching for an alternative component. Thanks for any help :). TVTransmitb_3.pdf
  22. Hay, I have a few of those transistors, and the heat sinks that clip on to them (recycled). So they are that old 1968, maybe I can sell them on eBay as antiques ;D ;D. Yes that would be good audioguru, a list of projects that will work and a list of one's that will give (you) a headache. And the (you) means just that, everyone will be wanting you to fix the ones that don't work ;D ;D.
  23. Maybe someone has an idea of what pin is for what ??? ;D ;D
  24. I am still experiencing problems uploading pic's, I don't receive an error message but the pic just isn't there, no matter what I do it just doesn't appear although when I reply it uploads just fine ???. Someone else has mentioned in their post that they are experiencing the same problem, so it is not something that I'm doing wrong, which would be quite possible even though I have successfully posted many pic's in the past ;D ;D.
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