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  1. Hi, I would very much appreciate if anyone can locate the datasheet for this Stepper motor driver IC, I want to use it for another project. It is from a CANON BJC-2100SP bubble jet printer. IC part number is ( MTD2002G ) IC manufacturer is (SHIND ENGEN) as its written on the chip. Thank you :).
  2. Hi Ante, Good to see you here again :D, I don't think it is your equipment. I was having a good run for awhile after I found out we got a new server, pages were loading exceptionally fast 8). But then last night the problems started a gain :(, I think we just need to be patient, I'm confident that mixos will soon sort it out :).
  3. RodiD, have you tried running your mill with the pen in the holder, then running your rotary tool at a distance connected to the same power outlet? This may help narrow down possible causes of the problem. This may confirm or eliminate the problem being a loose connection, as Mikromike suggested it could be.
  4. I ended up getting it all sorted out last night :), but there was some strange things happening :-\. All is well now and I have had no more problems, and the pages are now loading very fast :D " fantastic u beauty" ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D 8)
  5. Hi MP, Don't you think it looks more like a rabbit on a surfboard when it is turned upside down ;D, that's what I refer to it as (the surfing bunny) ;D ;D It would give me a real kick to have my project published on this site :D, and I will put together a "How To" form, once I have successfully completed my foundry setup, and I am confident in all aspects of this process, so as I can be confident that I am not misinforming anyone, who wishes to take on this project ;). Thanks for the thumbs up MP :).
  6. Ante, here are the pic's as requested, and I'm very happy to take the opportunity to show off my work. As this was my first test casting I wasn't expecting very good results, the whole process went well with the exception of the casting sand being too coarse, resulting in a very rough surface finish which I was expecting, although it was much worse than I thought it would be, hence my quest for obtaining Bentone to be able to make a better quality casting sand. Please do ask questions if there is anyone that is interested in this process, and I will be happy to answer any questions if I can. Ok, a quick run through of the pic's, first up is the flask #1 consisting of the cope and drag, top and bottom half containing the sand and the mold cavity, unfortunately I didn't take any pic's when I created the mold cavity, but I will on my next casting if someone requests it. Next my furnace and my pooch #2. Then my work bench #3 for creating the mold not yet complete but still functional/usable. Next is the molding sand #4 contained within the half drum which makes up the top part of the molding bench. Then is the mold #5 that is made from MDF wasn't quite as difficult to make as I expected but still rather tricky, it has been coded with acrylic paint to prevent water damage from the molding sand. Next is a pic of the flask before casting #6. Ah then the pouring of the Molten aluminium into the mold #7. Then #8, after the poor. Then "lookout" #9 it seem to of worked, the surface finish was much coarser than expected as mentioned above but at least nothing else went wrong. Last of all #10 is the finished product, which is the Chinese symbol for (tranquillity) with the riser and filler still attached. I should mentioned that pic number 6,7and 8 was taking using nightvision with my camera, pic number seven looks as though the Molten aluminium is white hot, "it is not" to describe its actual colour is more like a brighter orange.
  7. I tried the modify button, to upload my pic to my post, this time no error message but my pic did not appear it just wasn't there ???. Then I tried a new posting of my pic, then I got a message, that file name was already taken, so it seems that my pic was accepted, but it does not appear there ???. I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens ;).
  8. Hi RodiD, The cause of the problems may not be interference or spikes, it may be possible that the vibrations from your cutting tool, is causing one or more of your stepper motors to trip a step, throwing your software collaboration with the stepper motors. It's just a thought, I am still only in the research stage of this project, so I could be way off. Are you experiencing any significant vibrations?
  9. That's great news mixos :D. As for reporting any problems, I have had a problem and reported it under (feedback/Comments, Having problems uploading pic's.) as you probably already know ;). I am certain you will sort out any problems in due course 8). Thanks mixos :).
  10. The error message I am receiving after trying to post is below, after which I explained why my pic's were not available in my previous post. Link to the post I am referring to(http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?board=29;action=display;threadid=2494;start=msg17512#msg17512) and the file type I was trying to upload (JPEG Image/56.5 KB/Windows Picture and Fax Viewer ) Hmm, I am assuming this is teething problems, from changing servers? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry I cannot upload the pic's for some reason, this is the message I am getting when I try, that is if the image of the error message I am getting will upload. No that didn't work, but this is the message I am getting . 2: opendir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/home/electronics-lab.com/www/forum/attachments) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs:/tmp) (/home/httpd/vhosts/electronics-lab.com/httpdocs/forum/Sources/Post.php ln 900)
  11. You are not alone, it's so annoying >:(. Only just now the pages seem to load ok :), But for how long ???
  12. I have just noticed that this project calls for, (3 resistor network 770-81-R-4.7K) is there an alternative to using these components. As they are not readily available to me, these are basically resistors configured in a certain way?, can I use resistors if so how do I configure them?
  13. "Ain't that the truth" I usually save the page, and my partner makes it into a Word document if I ask her nicely ;D, so I can then print it ;).
  14. Thanks MP, that makes it easier. ;)
  15. Hi RobiD, Thanks I installed KCam ;), looks like a lot of learning for me, with plenty of that trial and error ;D. My OS is XP so I'm not sure how it will go, I may have to find something else but at least I now have an idea of what I am in for :o. I only have the one computer to use to get the milling machine set up, then I will buy a cheap computer solely for the milling machine. I want to use it for milling timber and foam patterns for metal casting, I first want to make a very basic scale model, then make the larger mil that I will need. It's likely that I will need motors that will draw more current then this project can handle :-\, there shouldn't be any problems if I use power transistors or could I use MOSFETs to drive the stepper motors via triggering their gates? Accuracy wouldn't be lost by doing this?
  16. I want to make a start on this project(http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/pc/008/index.html), but I am unable to open the file containing the PCB pattern. What software do I need for this? any help please.
  17. Hi all, I have been wanting to make this project for a long time, but had no use for it until now :D. Okay I want to start with getting familiar with the software, which leads to my first question, with probably many more to come ;D. I am a slow learner when it comes to software :(, so what would be the most user-friendly software to use ???, I prefer Windows based software, anything else will scare me :o ;D, and preferably freeware/shareware to get me going ;). Thanks in advance.
  18. [iurl]http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?board=10;action=display;threadid=2834[/iurl]
  19. Hi Ante, I will post some pic soon, of my test casting, the mould/pattern I used and what I have put together so far of the foundry set up :). But there will be no pic's of the new family member project ;D ;D ;D. I have also been trying to finish off some of my unfinished projects, I have got a few of them laying around ;D. Oh yes don't forget the hydrogen project, this is a project I will continue on with until I succeed 8), this is one of the reasons why I'm setting up the foundry, once the foundry project is making me some money, I will move on to making a metal turning lathe, then I will be in a better position to continue on with my hydrogen project. Progress on my hydrogen project may slow down from time to time, but it will continue ;).
  20. Dazza


    Hi Ante, What is curling? Is it that sport where they slide a heavy object on the ice, then sweep in front of it with Broomes, to control its speed and direction. No ice here Ante except for in my freezer ;D.
  21. Dazza

    New section.

    Hi MP, Alun I agree we need an RF section, that is something that is definitely missing. I think it will be a very difficult task for the moderator, to decide what should and should not be moved to this new section, there is a lot of RF related topics that should stay where they are, because the RF is only a small part of the discussion/project, there can be a very fine line in deciding whether to move or not, I think if it was to go ahead only the RF that you have no doubts about moving should be moved, that is 100 percent RF related. Yes Alun, I agree those three could be moved, if there was to be a new section added.
  22. Thanks for the info audioguru ;), I have made a couple of FM transmitters around the 10mW, and they really didn't work very well. I think it's time to make some think with a little more grunt 8), and Yes that's right, it's only illegal if you get caught ;D.
  23. Hi audioguru, Nice FM transmitter, and since its your design it must work well, so I will give it ago :). Did you design a PCB for it?, could you suggests some alternative transistors :).
  24. MP, a refrigerator for your lunch and an air-conditioner to keep you cool, so you can be productive 8), but what's the TV for ;D, do your employees get a TV as well ;D ;D ;D.
  25. Dazza


    First off I really know nothing about this sort of thing. If you want to ignore friction, then the 30.0
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