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  1. Dear Lupe, Can you elaborate,why the refrence was not proper using 9 V battery? I want to use this voltmeter as car dashboard meter, In such case the battery voltage will be coverted to +5 V using a 7805 regulator and -5V using IC7660. Hence the ground of the power supply and voltage to be measured will be same As per the circuit given on www.electronics123.com if I connect the IN LO (pin30), IN HI (pin 31) and COM ( pin 32) of IC7107 to ground these pins also be at battery ground. Would this configuration work?
  2. You may go through the following web link this will help you to select the correct resistor : http://www.kitsrus.com/pdf/k61.pdf if you have finished the project, can you share your experience, I want to construct this as a dashboard meter for my car.
  3. Would you pls suggest the capacitor and resistor types for the project? Thanks
  4. One may be last question before I start construction: the capacitors in the circuit have to be ceramic or other types may also be used.
  5. Thanks for clarification, can you suggest what capacitor value to be used to supress the alternator noise? Since I shall be meauring battery voltage can I eliminate the -ve voltage and leave the IC7107 pin unconnected? I will put a diode in the supply line to avoid wrong polarity apllied to IC. Will it work? VK
  6. Thanks for reply, I have decided to use IC555 to generate -5V as it is cheap and easily available, In such case should I take +5 V from output of 7805 to make -5V OR it is better to generate -12V with IC555 and then regualte it to -5 V using 7905? Will -ve terminal of battery be the ground point in the circuit?
  7. I have gone through all the 19 pages on board but still some questions remained to be answered: I want to use this VM to measure car battery voltage, what should be the ground point in this case? This has been asked earlier also but no replies. If I use the car battery (12V) as input to 7805 and 7905 to genrate +5 V and -5V to power the IC will it work ? Will the
  8. I want to construct this voltmeter as a car dashboard
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