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  1. hello its a curring light like what the dentist uses to set white composite fillings... it has a 100 wot bulb. you press the button and it lights up with a fan to cool the bulb for about 20-30 seconds. if i can get about 5volts of the mains supply to it i think this would make it work, as it keeps shutting down to soon.
  2. Hello the markings on the label say v 100-120. Hz 50/60 va200 it also says Int 4min./8min. what ever that means i don't know, can current be worked out from this? the appliance has a small digital display when it is turned on it indicates "hi power" which is the reason i suspect it doesn't work properly it works ok for 20 seconds or so. so i just need to take some of the volts of it to see if this is the case or not. Many thanks
  3. Hello i have an American 110-120v appliance that i have a voltage dropper for use with 240v UK, however the dropper i have is emitting 122-123v and this making the appliance not function correctly. The reason why the voltage dropper is emitting this voltage is not because it is faulty, it is because the 240v mains that comes to my home is actually 244-245v due to being in close proximity to the thing at the top of my road that the electricity comes from. i want to use a resistor to take down the voltage from 122-123v to around 115v but i have no idea what kind of resistor i would have to buy to do this could anyone help me choose which one i would have to use??? many thanks!!
  4. Hello im just getting into electronics and know very little as yet im trying to understand current sensors and how they work. Does a current sensor that senses ac current that is part of a dc circuit work like a switch that is normally open or normally closed when current pass through them? Or do they generate an electronic signal that triggers something else within the dc circuit when current ether passes in or out of its parameters? if they do work in this way is it possible to have a current sensor transmit a signal when current stops passing through its parameters as to trigger something like a switch or can they only do this when current passes through its triggering point? Would it be difficult to add something to adjust the sensitivity of a current sensor like the control on a thermostat?
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