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  1. Thry this http://www.parallax.com/
  2. Have a look at this http://www.roborealm.com/
  3. I have been in the prograss of addiing scart to mine plus a few more cosmetic mods but its been set back for ages.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up :-[ So ok back to google for amps. that link anlong with the other is realy helpfull.
  5. The old "ripping things apart" way. Then i got the tandy 200 project think and now im trying to learn about valves. :o
  6. Thanks. Ive tryed google and im lost in the reasults. ??? ??? Im not an audio file so im lost here. Whats the difference between preamps and amps? :-[ :-[ And what do i what for amplyfying the output of a pc's grahics card? My i feel so much like a village ejit now.
  7. Sorry :-[ ive got 2 of these and associated electronics from a H.A.M radio (may replace a few components but i am planning to build an amp to attach to a creative X-FI to improve sound. I know nothing about valve amps but i can get hold of new 12ax7wa/7025, el34eh/6ca7, 5881wxt/6l6gc
  8. FYI its ECC85 NOT 83 and its an upcomming PC (yes computer)mod.
  9. Can i make a valve amp with these? 6AQ5, 6be 6ba6, ecc85
  10. IM trying to work out how to get sponser ship because of the amount of cm stuff im using. Just to intrigue readers this is how it goes. creative X-FI > 2X above units monitoring single channels + another unit monitoring the vu of the other channels (bass channel still to be worked out.) I hope to make a sweet (frankinstien era) sounding pc case.
  11. Well i'll soon be imbarking on my biggest pc challange to date. A pc that will have vale amp for the audio output. A little information. A while ago i saw this which inspired the design I had an idea on using 2 to give the 4 front speakers a classic sound and the pc a old fasion look but i had a thought. Is there a good circuit for valve amps thats easy/cheep/realible to build? i would also like to be able to switch in/out the valves for the audio but whats the best method for switching. If this all sounds wierd im sorry because i know absolutly nothing about valve amps. P.S. Will they cause interference that will harm the rest of the pc?
  12. You will probubly need a heating unit that can go upto 75o'c
  13. Arg the problem may be flux after all. Im using maplins lead free solder and i dont think its got good flux in it. Do maplins do pots of flux or is there someone else who does in the uk?
  14. Im trying to design my ipod dock but cant find a plain ordanary audio jack. Where do i find a hifi jack?
  15. Ive just got F**k*d off trying to tin a bit of 4 core ribbon cable and after 10 min trying i give up. I cant get the stupid wires to tin. has anyone else ever found this?
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