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  1. Hi audioguru and thanks for your comments. Actually I just found out that the trafo is only 20va, it is a wall-wart type from a decoration. I'm still in an early stage of the construction, having made the pcb and mounted most of the R's. I had not given thougt to potential problem of exceeding the V specs on the opamps. Thanks for mentioning this. The purpose of this project is a small secondary bench psu, so even 0.5A is sufficient. (I have another 723 based capable of 2A) I am also thinking about using this circuit(modified) in a 7A psu, I have a nice homemade enclosure ready with almost everything except the regulator, it even has provision for 6 TO3's ..but first I want to see how this version works..
  2. Hi everybody I am currently building the supply. I my opinion 3A on a single 2N3055 is to much. It may have to dissapate more than 100W. Anyway the trafo I'm using is 1A and I believe that is about right for the ciruit..
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