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  1. Really I think that is way too much stuff to do for just a fan controller.. haha I'll just stick with ~10v on my fans :D Thanks SO much for all your help guys!
  2. crap... Well.. any ideas? I really need an _easy_ way to step up the voltage :/ Or if not I guess I could deal with slower fans, they make less noise :D Anyone got any ideas? Your gonna have to put them into noob terms, I really have very little knowledge of higher-lever circuitry. Thanks :D
  3. but then I would have ~15 volts going into my fan when the potentiometer is all the way on?
  4. I decided to use the -5v as my com along with the 12v to give me 17v, and cut it down with a resisitor to 14v Thanks for all your help guys!!
  5. Hmmm.... any ideas anybody? This kinda puts a damper on this project :/
  6. Thank you! How would I get 14 volts out of the 12 volts that my power supply gives me?
  7. I recently made this 12v DC fan controller, and I have a couple of questions.. 1) For the capacitors, is 1000uF too much? When I plug it into my computer I think it draws too much power for a second, effectively killing my 12v rail.. I can hear the hard-drive electromagnet deactivating :/ 2) Does the LM317T require a heatsink? It doesnt seem to get hot at all after a minute of use.. 3) Both Capacitors are electrolytic, is that ok? 4) Would 50uF Capacitors work? 5) Are Axial Lead capacitors teh same as electrolytic capacitors? Thanks in advance, Monkey
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