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  1. Are there website where can I request free photovoltaic cell????
  2. Thank for the helps and advices
  3. i mean i have problem identifying these parts in eagle cad because the library has so many parts. I found the D6, D1-D4, but the others, i just couldn't find the match. For R1 & R2, isnt i can use any of the resistor that is match with the value of 100K and 1M? For the others, i have no idea where is it in the eagle cad library, especially the T1. R1= 100K R2= 1M C1=1
  4. i am trying to make the Phone line indicator, but i don't know how to fabricate the PCB. So, i try to draw the schematic in the eagle cad and send it to some PCB manufactures. The problem is that i have problem adding the parts because i cannot identify the part in eagle cad. Can anybody help me identify the part. phone line indicator link http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/telephone/001/index_en.html R1= 100K R2= 1M C1=1
  5. Hi: I am a newbie here, and i try to do some projects for hobby. For the project in this site, most of them only offer schematics or a picture of PCB; how do I turn schematics into pcb. For eagle cad file, i know how to turn them into brd, but for a picture(gif or jpg), I dont know how. Can anybody shed me some lights.
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