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  1. Someone has never tried to build a digital Display to show the value of the Cordinate x-y-z, to be applied to panel on the case where to accomodate the 3-Axis Stepper Controller? ;D
  2. dear alan i think that you can find more cnc free software in: http://majosoft.tripod.com/hobbycnclinks/body_hobbycnclinks.html The 3-axis stepper controller can read other cnc software than dancad. In the archive software i had found "jalaCNC" and i think is a very simple and intuitive software in windows but i aven't try it yet.
  3. mike thanks! but I still have some questions! -what is the tension to be applied on the Pin +- Pwr? -how connect Limit pin? -x-y-z home? seen that many people have found problems with the wiring of the circuit, drawing a detailed scheme and putting it at disposal of everybody on the site would be better. alberto
  4. how connect the 3-axis stepper controller (cw technology) to pc? i don't understand the istructions.. please.....help me!!! :( Project link: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/pc/008/index.html
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