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  2. Dear sasi, you said I should place a mcb with rating not more than half of the battery rating .Pls am not clear , which battery are you talking about ,is it the UPS BATTERY OR THE EXTERNAL ONE AM ADDING .And pls can you tell me the essence of the mcb . THANKS
  3. Dear Arun, Thanks you very much for this effort you have put forward to assist me may God reward you abundantly in case I have any problem along the line I will contact you through this mediun. THANKS AND REMAIN BLESSED
  4. Dear Sasi, thanks for making your contribution to this issue,are you telling me that with APC UPS I don't need to remove any resistor to isolate the the charging circuit of the UPS.Does that mean I can justparallel a 150ah battery across the UPS SLA battery. The circuit braker you are talking of it 's theone use in ELECTRIC INSTALLATION in house WIRING?? Thanks once again and remain blessed.
  5. Dear Arun, Thanks for your concern,I am now fully understand COLD STARTING.I have problem in indentifying the resistor that link the charger circuit to the battery ,any time I suspect a resistor linking the battery to the charger as soon as i disolder it ,it disconnect the UPS ,the UPS will not even start at all, am thinking what happen if the mosfet is also use in charging the battery can some one still be able to isolate it as you said?Am thinking of buying another UPS for this adaptation but I don't know which one to buy .....having charging circuit that can be seperate without putting the whole ting off
  6. Dear Arun,Nura....., am a bit in a fix corner, my main aim is to use the said modified UPS for backing up my computer when the mains fail and also to be able to continue working for atleast 2-3hrs after power outageand most ATX power pack are rated 400watts so I don't know if it will still work for it.also I don't realy know what you mean by cold starting and how can i know a UPS that support cold starting ? Please Sir, don't be bored about my question it only show my level on the field pls just try to help me out .God wil surely reward every one of you .THANKS
  7. Dear Ante, Thanks for your suggestion ,how can this be achieve?Pls can you please shed more light on how this can be achieve
  8. Dear MVADU, am very gratefull on reading your response on the the issue .Please Sir I don't know if it is possible for you to send me the sch.diagram on the charger.I think with this information from you I think I can succesfull adapt the UPS to a longer backing time.Please don't hessitate to give me any addition information that might be usefull to complete.THANKS
  9. Dear Nura, Thanks for your concern on the issue ,Please are you trying to say that the mosfet in 600VA would not be able to carry a load of about 400VA for about 4-5hours and the SMPS you are talking about, is it the ready made type that normally comes with laptop PCs or i have to built it locally ---I do'nt have any SMPS sch.circuit to built for this . I don't know if you can help with one .Thanks very much for spending you precious time to attend to this issue.I wish you good luck in your all endouvour in this life and hereafter
  10. Dear Sir, Thanks for answering/sheding light on my question .Please sir I don't know whether with your arrangement the UPS we still be able to perform it funtion ;that is to provide UNINTERUPTIBLE power to the PC,because this is 8)the main important function of the UPS. Also what is the important/usefull of the installed tranformer in place of the regular battery,please I will be happy if more light can be shed on complete adaptation of this UPS to the desire long backing time one.Thanking you in anticipation for your valueable response.
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