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  1. 1000 Watt Heat gun, on high mode. IC fell out! I finished the kit. Great fun. I'm going to do another tonight. I'll try and find more over the weekend. Where do they retail?
  2. Doing basic beginners kit, going great, lots of fun. Beginner's kit, beginner's mistakes. I put in a 16 pin IC "Chip" i guesss, is it a chip? upside down. Is this a problem? It is notched to go a certain way, but all I see are metal points. Damn, I see integrated circuit, so it's all messed up. So... I can't get the solder braid working to take off all my solder, and I don't have a solder pump, and I really wanna finish this. Can I leave it? I did discover that wrenching at it with pliers won't get it out. Dios Mio! Can anyone help?
  3. Hey, still new to this. Interested in SMT/SMD. How exactly would I go about doing this? Syringe + heatgun?
  4. R1 3k3 R2 1k R3 22k R4 220k R5 1M R6 3k3 B1 12 V D1 1N4148 D2 1N4003 Q1 B109 LED1 CQX35A IC1 IR1 available from Harrison Electronics IC2 4049 IC3 CA555 IC4 SN74HCT74 IC5 LM7805 Relay 12 Volt coil with changeover contact C1 100u C2 22u C3 100n C4 2u2 Left column is how the part is labeled in Schematic. Correct? IC1 = Integrated Circuit 1. C1 = Capacitor 1. No? What does C usually mean, what does IC usually mean? R? B? D? Q? Right column: For instance, LED1 CQX35A. What could CQX35A possibly mean? A model number, from where? R6 3k3 What? 3,003 resistor? I mean, I'm so lost
  5. Trying to do a beginner project. I'd like to do something cool. Example: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/models/008/index.html Would that be too hard? I'll admit I'm confused by the parts list on all of the projects. But with some guidance, I think I could figure it out... no?
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