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  1. thanks again sarma. i disconected all the load in the output leaving all secondary pins hang. but still the fuse blown. do i need to put load to prevent the fuse being busted?
  2. thank sarma. before i read your reply i already decided to remove the transformer(dont know what's the transformer of smps called?) to do some continuity testing only not check the resistance cause im not sure what is the usual resistance of each coil(what is the typical resistance of a coil? ) then i put it back in the board after checking for shorted pins and everything,i plug it and turn on the power botton. somethings happened, the fuse keeps bursting. i remove the transformer and turn it on again. the did not burst. i measure the resistance of the transformer. i found out that all the resistance of the coil is equal/greater than 0 but not greater than 1 ohms in all coils. I assumed that the transformer is shorted. is it? and if it is shorted why it creates a high pitch without bursting the fuse but after i remove it from the board and put it back without doing anything wrong the fuse start bursting? ???
  3. sharp 20v-s300 model. no secondary output, transformer making a loud high pitch sound.
  4. thanks for the reply;). i read a topic about buck-boost converter and i found out that their source was a battery/cell. Is it applicable to my case: my source is a AC voltage from my motorcyle generator(the voltage is about 3v in idle state going up to about 24v when i pump up the gas and the frequency is hard to determine) i already have a circuit to rectify it.
  5. any help/tips or schematic? how can change unregulated dc voltage ranges from 3v to 24v to regulated 12v dc. my source is a AC varying from 3 to 24V.
  6. my dvd power was dead it wont start. it has no output voltage in secondary wnding of the transformer. the power supply module uses a philips STARplug TEA1523P (GENERAL DESCRIPTION The TEA152x family is a Switched Mode Power Supply(SMPS) controllerIC that operates directly from the rectified universal mains.It is implemented in the high voltage EZ-HVSOI process,combined with a low voltage BICMOS process. The device includes a high voltage power switch and a circuit for start-up directly from the rectified mains voltage.). what seems to be the problem? is it the starplug or transformer?
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