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  1. It will be very nice if you could think of some Networking projects such as "Practical Validation of various MAC layer protocols" or something of that sort.
  2. Some people recommend using IC for generating the -5V. But the best thing to do is to have a resistor divider across the -15 V which is available in all the voltage source to produce the -5V.
  3. We all know that a noise have an flat spectrum. Also we know that the noise have an inverse fourier transform approximately equal to a dirac function. The energy of this signal is very high (going to infinity almost). Can we tap a very high amount of energy from this signal at that instant. Please send in your criticism about this idea and feasibility that it will work.
  4. Anyone got an idea of how a filter can have a roll off rate greater than 20 db per decade using a single pole or more than 40 db per decade using a double pole.
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