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  1. Thanks a lot. I knw sg3524 is for voltage mode control. Actually i would like to use average current mode control as my buck converter feedback control. But i hav no experience in doing electronic project, i think it is better to start familiar with the PWM first so my friend recomend me try to use this sg3524.

    What u means 'pins 12&13 tied to drain'??
    What difference if i connect it to Vin?

    My converter specification:
    input: 10-15V
    output: 5V
    switching freqquency: 100kHz
    output ripple: 1%

    As u say bootstrap circuitry is onboard, can u please kindly suggest me which PWM it is?

  2. i am using sg3524 to do my buck converter. i use ir2117 to drive my high side power mosfet (irf540). can anyone help me to check my open loop test circuit. to obtain duty cycle more than 50% pin11 & 14 were shorted is it? how about pin12 & 13?
    thanks 4 ur help. ;)


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