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  1. Hello All My project is a trailer braking system for a car towed trailer. I want to control the trailer brakes from the brake pedal of the towing vehicle i.e. car or jeep). To do this i was thinking of using a linear potentiometer connected to the brake pedal, this would then send a signal to a linear actuator to control the master cylinder (piston that forces hydraulic fluid to wheel brakes). The further the piston moves the more pressure in the system thus a greater braking force. The movement of the piston is controlled by the movement of the brake pedal What i need to know if is, if it is possible to link a linear ( or rotary) potentiometer to a linear actuator ( servo or stepper) (the position of the actuator is controlled by the position of the potentiometer) Are the other methods to achieve this? Looking forward to you thoughts, Regards Caff
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