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  1. Ok I installed the above tweeters and it made a hell of a difference. I'll have to figure out how to get a 10" sub installed in my truck without taking too much space now. Thanks AudioGuru for your input.
  2. yes the sony has a sub out. I updated the specs for the tweeters for you to comment. Thanks I appreciate your input
  3. Ok so are these tweeters here going to do me justice? Pioneer Tune-Up Tweeter * 7/8" PPTA (P-Phenylene Terephthal Amide) Hard Dome * Strontium Magnet with Magnetic Fluid Cooling * Built-in Crossover (6 dB/Octave) * Surface or Flush Mounting Capabilities * Overall Housing Diameter: 1 7/8" * Flush Mounting Depth: 3/4" * Tweeter Type: PPTA Hard Dome * Size: 7/8 inch * Crossover Included: yes * Sensitivity: 90 dB * Frequency Response: 2,500-30,000 Hz * Recommended RMS Power: 40W * Peak Power Handling: 120W
  4. thanks again just one other thing, I have a pioneer GM-H100 amp that I haven't been using that can be connected 2x50W or 1x160W , how could I best utilise this amp, 1- by driving my rear speakers or 2- connecting it to one 10" sub?
  5. Hi audioguru Yes its here's the link for the specs. It does say 4 x 50 W S-MOSFET power output but its probably peak watts. http://www.sonystyle.ca/commerce/servlet/ProductDetailDisplay?storeId=10001&langId=-1&catalogId=10001&productId=1003305&navigationPath=n32150n32153 At what frequency should I crossover my tweeters at? I have the choice from the supplier. Also what brands are considered good brands when it comes to tweeters? I would really love to install new speakers but I am really limited to in the choice of speakers I can use due to the limited space I have in my truck.
  6. I have a sony CDX-GT310 in my toyota pickup. It puts out 4x55w in 4 ohms. I have just have cheap 2-way speakers installed in the front and back. I got 6"round 120W in the back and 4" round 2-way 90W in the front under the dash almost. I know its a cheap system but it sounds ok except I find the higher freq sound is muffled in the front but sounds ok in the rear. I would like to obtain more treble sounds from the front to try to equalize the sound a bit. I was thinking of adding a tweeter in each door by paralleling the front speakers but I'm concerned with the impedance. I guess the question i have is if I disconnect the existing tweeter in my front 2-way speakers, will that allow me to connect my door tweeters in parallel with the front speakers and return the impedance back to the original value? Also at what frequency do you recommend I crossover at? What other methods could I use that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm looking to spend no more than $100 to try to equalize the higher mid range and tremble frequencies. thanks in advance.
  7. Ok I was told the the impedance of the stereo antenna in my truck was 75 Ohms, so I thought maybe I should match the impedances because initially I thought the signal loss would be roughly 2/3 of full power but I read up on the net while awaiting your response and I guess the signal loss from the impedance mismatch varies with the length of the wire. The wire in my truck is very short so I guess I won't need a matching transformer like you suggested as the signal loss will be mimimale. Audioguru, Thanks very much for replying. D0T-C0M
  8. I use a FM transmitter in my truck and would like to use a normal FM antenna to transmit the signal. I think I will need a RF impedance matching transformer that will match the 50ohm impedance of my transmitter to the 75ohm impedance of the FM antenna. Can someone please suggest a good one that I can buy or if it isn't too difficult I would consider making one. Am I correct in assuming I would lose about 1/3 of my radiating signal if I directly connected the 50ohm FM transmitter output to the FM antenna? Does it make a difference where in the circuit I put the matching transformer? Should I connect it as close as possible to the FM transmitter and run 75ohm cable to the antenna OR should I place the matching transformer as close to the antenna as possible and run 50 ohm cable to my transmitter? Or does it make a difference? Should I be concerned about the change in temperature in regards to the matching transformer which I understand is temperature sensitive to some extent? Thanks as usaul for all your help.
  9. I researched the Ramsey model but they are about $60 more for a kit and about $100+ assembled. Second is the fact that EDM is also microprocessor controlled and has digital LED readout. If I can quote from their site I found all the feedback I read on all the independant website was all positive. I was hard pressed to find anything negative about them. I also liked that EDM posted alot of their graphs and tests online. As a customer I felt re-assured that they were very open and honest by posting their specs online. This tell me that they have nothing to hide and not afraid to post their results publically. Full Band operation: (87.7 - 107.9MHz) in 0.2MHz increments, on LED display Frequency Stability: < 0.0005% of set frequency Frequency Accuracy: < 0.001% error from set frequency 10mW (+10dBm) into a 50 Ohm load 100mW (+20dBm) unit also available RF output is reduced 20dB while tuning with PLL un-locked VSWR: Withstand 20:1 without damage (both models) Low phase-noise -90dBc/Hz @ 10kHz -94dBc/Hz @ 20kHz -104dBc/Hz @ 100kHz Low spurious output: < - 50dBc Low Residual FM: < 25Hz rms (Measured in a 300-3kHz Bandwidth) Incidental AM: < 0.2% Frequency Response: 20Hz - 15kHz Level: Line level input via RCA type sockets (level adjustment on module) Max Audio I/P sensitivity: < 100mVp-p (integrated limiter) Distortion (THD): 0.2% with 1kHz tone at 75kHz deviation level (mainly 2nd, 4th) Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): > 60dB Stereo Separation: Typical about 40dB
  10. using the stock whip antenna I did some preliminary range tests. The Tx was installed in the cab of my truck with the antenna running up and down the mirror which isn't the best placement for it but nevertheless I was very happy with the range I received. using a fairly good quality FM headset I walked down the road and the sound was crystal clear up to about 300 feet after that I started getting some static and the occasional blank spots. On high setting I got crystal clear sound up to 500-600 and after that a bit of static and the occasional blank spot. Keep in mind that the Tx was in the cab of my truck with alot of metal around it. I have made a custom 50Ohm coax and made a 1/4wave ground plane antenna and I expect the range to be better when I mount this antenna outside the cab of my truck. I've read that on high setting I can get about 1/8mile.
  11. I recieved my EDM transmitter last Wednesday. It is an awesome little unit. I am so impressed with the sound quality. It really sounds awesome especially when I connect my cd player to it. Sirius Sat Radio sounds alot better too. Seems to have a really great pre-emphasis stage in the input. The treble sounds better and the base sounds better too. What I like the most is it's separate L-R input level POTs so you can fine tune your inputs for better stereo balance and you can adjust MPX value manually so you are capable of using all the the 75Khz deviation band of the FM signal. Anyone who gets this Tx will not be disappointed. The workmanship is excellent and support so far has been really good. fast email responses. You can purchase them through paypal. Once you purchase a unit from EDM they give you access to a private yahoo group which has lots of great info on such as homemade attenuators, antennas etc... Anyone who wants more info , dont hesistate to contact me.
  12. I have oneand you wouldnt want to use it on sensitive electronic equipment as it circulates a relatively high current through at the point where you are soldering. While it is good for welding small wires together and such I wouldnt recommend it on electronic circuitry.
  13. hehe geez your fast I re-posted my last post after re-reading your post. I thought because you said that Canada/US had to much pre-emphasis that maybe I should go with the 50uS. Now I understand that I have to go with 75uS so that the sound won't be muffled in my canadian reciever. Sorry I am still quite new, while I understand basic electronics, this FM stuff is real new to me. I've been reading alot of material lately and trying to understand all the details of it. I really apprecaite your time.
  14. Ok so if I understand correctly I have no choice but to go with a pre-emphasis of 75uS otherwise if they set it to 50uS I will be getting muffled treble and thats certainly not what I want. correct?
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