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  1. Hi guys I have been reading with interest the various methods of etching a board,I have tried most of them over the years and my final equipment is a plastic bucket that I put the board in etching face up ,pour in about 10mm of ferichloride stand it in some warm water and agitate,a swirling action is the best,I find the board will be etched in about 3-4 minutes. Total equipment cost 2$. Another tip if you are making a UV exposure box,use the UV tubes that are sold for Insect sappers,also sold for killing mosquitos, and seen in most butcher shops, these tubes are a fraction of the price,you can also get them in a U shape which will give a bigger area of light.If you are not conversant with wiring these tubes get an electrician to do it for you,or run them from a home made inverter.I do all my artwork with cad drawing,or in the case of good quality art work that is published copy and print on a inkjet printer ,5 minutes on my uv light box with presenstised board gives good results,with most presensitised boards they supply a developer that is quite expensive ,try using sodium hydroxide 20 grams to 1 litre,very cheap,use at about 20degrees centigrade . I printed the artwork for the 0-30volt power supply and had it etched and drilled in 4 hours.Hope this has been useful.
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