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  1. You can try this, http://geek.scorpiorising.ca/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl
  2. Hi Ante , Yep I was thinking of going ahead and designing on using the 60Hz line voltage as a sampler and using decade counters of some sort. I'll have to think about it more. B&M
  3. Ha! HA! NNNoooTTT!!! ;D
  4. Thanks igrecotrei, I think using a PIC would be a bit more complicated than I was looking for thogh. B&M 8)
  5. Hello All! I've been looking for a schematic or plan for a digital tachometer. I will be using it on my metal lathe. I was thinking using a proximity switch to trigger it. needs to be fairly accurate up to 4000rpm. Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks, B&M
  6. Hi All, Here are some of the sources I found. I have more, I just need to find where I saved them. http://geek.scorpiorising.ca/windingtransformers.html http://website.lineone.net/~dave.cushman/transformers.html http://home.att.net/~chimeraone/vintagetransrebuild.html http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Workshop/advice/coils/power_loss.html#lams http://www.geofex.com/Article_Folders/xformer_des/xformer.htm BandM
  7. Hello Again All! Since I left the original post I have found a plethora of information on winding your own transformers. The only thing I havn't found is a source for the Iron laminations for the cores and the Formvar coating that is used to soak the transformer in when you are finished with the Xfmr. I can list the different sites I have found here if you all would like me to do so. It will just take a little time to put it all together. Thanks All for responding to my post, BandM
  8. Hello everyone, I am new here, so please bare with me. I was drawn here by the Roll your own transformer article. It was very informative and educational. I learned how to calculate the primary and secondary windings for a power transformer. But I would like to learn how to figure the same for an Audio transformer. Does anyone know where I can aquire this information? :-\ Thank You All, BandM
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