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  1. Thanks for the large amount of info. but isnt there a 20 pin IDC ribbon cable somewhere? srry, should have mentioned that before.
  2. hi, does anyone know where i can get the pinout for the user port(parallel) of the bbc micro? I really need this for my school. plz help.
  3. hi, i have been reading a lot of articles on the web about preamps. consider the schematic on this page: http://www.till.com/articles/GuitarPreamp/ wouldnt that just give a fluctuating DC output(like wave2.bmp), instead of AC(like wave1.bmp)? please help, i dont get this.
  4. thanks loads, really needed that. should have worked that out myself.
  5. what are the common voltages(rms and peak) used in the following cases. hifi equipment(like CD player) phono outputs guitar pickup output amp to speaker(say an 8 ohm imp.) also, what is the highest voltage you can put into the input of a guitar amp without blowing up transistors.(specifically the marshall mg30dfx) also, is there a place i can get some kind of subminiature valve(vacuum tube) which has a super low anode voltage like 24V. I saw these russian ones on the internet, but cant find anywhere to buy them.
  6. hi, i have taken apart this optical mouse, and there is this camera-chip-thing, that has on it: H2000 A0139 and thats it. i have searched the web for this, but have found nothing related, im looking for a datasheet with pinout. what is the correct name for this kind of chip, is it something like a photo cell array or something? lee.
  7. hmm..ok, i have refined the concept a little, i need the power supply to accomodate an lcd(consumes about 250ma). The input must be a 9v battery, and it must produce an output of 5v. what should i use to build this supply? could i use this: http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?detail=full&ModuleNo=46321&doy=20m2#more_info if so, what caps/other components do i use with it? a circuit diagram would be nice.
  8. hi, i have just started with electronics, and i was wondering, is there a component out there that would sort of strip off power from a power supply to give a 5v output, as the power supply dropped from 12v? is this called a zener diode or something?
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