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  1. Thanks buddy. Although, I don't recall seeing these Coaxial Plugs on the walls or shelfs last time I went to a Radioshack. So I'll have to check on Fri, if not order online.
  2. Well I got the cord from my laptop manufacturer my Toshiba. Outter dm is 1/2 cm inner is 3/10 cm. Live in the States in MO.
  3. Where might a find an exact plug that will fit in my laptop? Like what retail store or online store?
  4. This cord still technically works, It is detoriating in reliabilty. I have to bend and/or wiggle it to work. How it got to so this state I do not know. The replacement for the prick and that end is about 50 dollars from Toshiba. =/ I think some of the copper wires are some how damaged and was going to replace them or something. I don't know how to pop off the end in that picture also, so I can rewire the insides or what. I was wondering how I might repair this? I have copper wire available, electric tape, and other tools and supplies that might help this. I have nothing to lose if I fail to get this working as it isn't working correctly at the moment.
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