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  1. I was looking to place an order and couldnt exactly tell which to get http://www.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?KeywordSearch They only have 2 that are DIP in stock and the only difference I see between them is speed, one is 10 mhz and the other is 20 mhz, or am I completely off?
  2. thanks for all the help man Im gonna get started on this ASAP
  3. After doing some research i developed another question. How do I program the microcontroller? do I need to buy one of those "starter kits" I see in the same product page or is there another way? What package/case should I get? I find the same controller w/ 13 variations(less than half are in stock, lol) I think I have figured it out and have a feeling this is a noob qeustion, but I wanna do it right. And also I do live in the US so getting parets shouldnt be a problem
  4. wow, that helps alot, I really appericate the help. I can already think of a slue of other things I can use this for. How would I go about use it to switch on higher voltage things like for a 12V auto system, would a simple relay work or is there a chip that would do the job?? I just hope its half as easy as it sounds, lol, can wait to try it out!!
  5. that sounds like exactly what I need where do I find the parts and schematics?
  6. not exactly, I am wanting it to work like that but the control is not what I want. I need it to be controllered by 2 switches without out having to change the direction of step in the sequence, to where switch 1 always steps up regardless of where it is in the sequence and switch 2 always steps down regraudless of where it is in the sequence. The best example i can think of is like the channel changer buttons on a TV or the seek buttons on a digital radio
  7. I think I understand the schmatics, but how does it control which way it steps. The way i see it is that it goes step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, step 1, ect. in a continious loop. I need it to be controlled from 2 switches, one for stepping up and 1 for stepping down
  8. I should have thought of that, lol I think I found something that might work See attached image; Its from the project for the digital volume controller. Ignoring the parts for actual volume control(crossed out in red), I could use the rest of the controller to do what I was thinking of correct? Only I now have the option of 16 outputs instead of the 4 I was looking for. What do you think?
  9. I am come what new the the electronics field. I am looking into making some sort of controller but my knowledge is very limited. Any help would be most appreciated. Anyway, what I am looking to do is make some sort of controller like a volume or channel button on a remote control. So there will be two buttons, if i hit 1 button it will move up 1 selection in a series of four selections, if I hit the other it will go the other direction in the series of selections. There will be 4 possible selection. This will be done to turn on and off two objects. So selection 1 would be both objects off, selection 2 would be object 1 on and object 2 off, selectiion 3 would be both on, and selection 4 would be object 1 off and object 2 on. Is this possible to do? Is there something like this already made? And please dont let my lack of knowledge lead to a false judgement of me, I am a quick and eager learner. Thanks for your help, Tony
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