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  1. hi
    i have problem with my micro controller (PIC)  board for control of camera (turn left and right). in this circuit used 7805 for making 5voltage for all component of circuit and camera (cctv work with 5v). but when turning on this circuit , av receiver can't  receive signal from camera. but when i disconnected this camera from circuit and plug in to different 5v power supply work very well and i have good signal in AV receiver.

    i guess problem is in power supply (maybe noise ).

    have you any idea for this circuit that work with one 9-12v adapter in input voltage but have two apart 5v in circuit?
    that i use micro controller board and camera separately.

  2. can you tell me more about this statement about these values

    "The value isn't critical but if you make it too small you risk it being inadequate to damp oscillation. If you make it too big, at least with a single capacitor, you run the risk of the high frequency impedance of the capacitor being too high.  "

    damp oscillation and high frequency impedance  ?


  3. i have laser pointer (use in presentation) and i want to transmit data up to 1meter (zero and one logical method ) , with receiver sensor. for first in this issue i need circuit for amplify signal (fast switching) in receiver. look at this schematic !!
    i know how can i make signal in transmitter with micro controller but i have problem with using 2pin receiver sensor.
    if you have any idea for amplify signal in receiver circuit? 


  4. Hello friends
    my expert friends I hope you have good day . in some months ago i made a project for sensing ambient  temperature with PIC micro controller and sensor was DS1820 and show at  2*16 character LCD.
    you can see scheme in this attachments.

    but i now looking for high precise temperature sensor that can sense in thousandth degree in centigrade.

    can you introduce me a high precise temperature sensor?? or you think  i should use DS1820 but change program?



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