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  1. hi thanks for replay i have some questoins 1.can i find 1ohm resistor in the market? 2.what about two other resistors value? 3. is output have positive voltage? 4. i want to adding PIC microcontroller after output then i need 5 voltage in output when LNB stolen. can i take it ?(5voltage in output after LNB stolen) thanks
  2. hi audioguru please see this attachment can you show me in this pictures? 1 question this cable have between 11- 18 voltage. can damage this circuit ?
  3. hi do you have any schematic with LM358 for this issue?
  4. sorry dear Audioguru for my demurral my LNB drawing 92.6mA in standby mode. can yo help me for designing circut that starting alarm when this current goes to zero? thanks
  5. hi big duck please tell me if i change this circuit that u show me (modified) in the top of this page exactly what happen in my circuit circuit?
  6. hello my friends i built this project for three times and not good work because i should keep this device near the bug until smooth work. do u have any idea?
  7. hello do u have any circuit about simple digital volume control for changing low or high with 2keys??
  8. hello audioguru please check this circuit for any problem. if haven't any problem i want to build it. and please tell me why S1 connecting to 1n4148 and connect to GND? thank u very much.
  9. hello anybody i want to build a eavesdropping device detector that can detect only bug and good work and better than this project on this site. do u have any good project or idea about it???????????? for example see this attachment: http://cgi.ebay.com/All-in-One-Counter-Surveillance-Device-RF_W0QQitemZ300113432713QQcmdZViewItem
  10. hello thanks anyone do u know where is the buzzer in this circuit?
  11. hi what is your idea about this circuit? where is the buzzer in this circuit ??
  12. hi i have problem!!!!! all LEDs on because i am near by a computer. it is very bad when i shutting down computer in room all the signal was end. after it unfortunately all over the room even near the bug not gave a signal and only touching antenna with my hand have signal. unfortunately i didn't know that i am near the computer when i was building this project and i was thinking that this project work. but i understand that i was near the computer :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
  13. hello this is eavesdropping device detector that i was build it. these green LED's that u can see is VU meters with LM3915. tell me your idea.
  14. hello i am making a eavesdropping devise and it is work but this project sensitive to anything very high. specially to any metal and sensitive to computer and for this project 9v battery don't good working. please tell me what can i do ? i wont sensitive to any metal i want sensitive to mobile and eavesdropping devices.
  15. hello i have a question i am using BFR91 replace for BFR90 and for NTE112 replace similar to BA481. do u think these components good work with together ? because my project alarming sequence.
  16. hi sorry for problem about my english language. audioguru can u speaking persian language very good? no because this is my mother's language. also i can't speak english very good. and i living in iran and iran have bad methods for teaching english language. but u living in country that have english language. ok i want to talk about insects that attacking to human in summer time and spring time. i have one circuit that is weak . do u have any strong circuit for this subject?
  17. hello i want 3 or 4 battery sequent work. if no1 battery will be end no2 start and no2 will be end no3 start and .... do u have any idea?
  18. hello can u help me for insect attacking in springtime in my room? i need good circuit for insect. do u have ?
  19. hello V (input): 7.25v pin1 : 3.54v pin7: 1.97v pin8 : 3.73v pin14: 3.25v TR1: collector: 4.55v this project all of times have alarm even when i adjusting PT to right and left. what can i do ?
  20. hello thanks for all of the help to me. this time please guide me for a circuit. i want turn on one LED very slowly(power LED) as matteral fact when i turn on key power led slowly light. please show me what can i do it.
  21. hello audioguru please tell me that when i build a Eavesdropping device(this circuit) for start after build what hapen after press the on swich (for start).
  22. hi audioguru i am changing this circuit that u said me but not have result always have continously sound i have to build a new circuit of this circuit do u have any idea about this circuit or any changing on it??? thanks
  23. hi audioguru do u know any circuit for detecting secret digital camera?
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