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  1. hello audioguru
    thank you for your help to me.
    but not have result up to now because my circuit have alarm continously.
    please check it :
    collector  BFR90 : 2.91v
    IC :
    pin1 :1.29v
    pin7: 1.93v
    pin8 : 1.65v
    pin14 : 2.04v
    R6: 1.1M
    and with C2: 4.7
    P1:volume  5k
    antena: 50cm wire
    and pin2 of LS connecting to +9v because in pcb not have this connect but in schematic diagram connected.
    for pin1 that have 1mv what can i do ?

    thanks for all and all the best

  2. hello
    I am new user in ur forum I am very enjoy but many years ago reading ur information in any forum specially "audioguru" hello audioguru.
    I am make pcb eavesdropping device detector but not work no sound. i am testing all component but dont listening any sound of buzzer.
    no short circuit  what can i do ???????????????????????????

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