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  1. ok thanks, what modifications would i have to make to run off 13.4v? Thanks Again.
  2. Hi, I must admit i'm a little confused by what you said, my output of my 7805 will by required to supply current upto the 1.5A, so what circuit solution can i use for that? Thanks.
  3. Looking at the datasheet do i not need a transistor with a higher current rating as my Voltage Reg could be drawing as much a 1A? Thanks
  4. Hi, Thanks for you help, but i'm a little confused isnt a 2N4401 a NPN Transistor and you have it shown as a PNP? Thanks.
  5. Would it work by using BJTs like this? Thanks for your help
  6. Hi All, I am trying to design a circuit to do the following: Use a Momentary Push To Make Switch to toggle the input of a 7805 on/off The 7805 is supplied by regulated 12v so i need a circuit that switches its output between 0v and 12v using a Momentary Switch. I was hoping to find a design or at least a starting point somewhere but have had no luck so far. Any Suggestions / ideas would be great. Thanks :)
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