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  1. I have a Plus U3-810sf projector, made by Texas Instruments, and it just failed on me a couple days ago. I tried taking it apart but i couldn't fix it. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a service manual for this, as I would like to fix it myself. Or if anyone knows about projectors and they can tell me what's wrong that would be great. Here is what it's doing: - I can turn it on and the bulb and everything will boot up - At this point it is a blue screen that says "No Video Connection" - Then i try to hook up, let's say my PS2, to it through the video input - Normally at this point the word "Auto" will flash where the words "No Video Connection" are for about 5 seconds and the picture will show up - But as it's doing now, the words "No Video Connection" disappear (as they would normally where the word "Auto" would come up), but "Auto" doesn't show up, and about 5 seconds later "No Video Connection" comes up again - Then I am unable to turn it off - Also, if I just turn on the projector, and don't attempt to hook anything up to it, it will turn off as it normally would Thanx. Your help would be appreciated. - Jeff
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