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  1. Thanks Harry A. I was really waiting for it. It is great you have book on Designing transformers. I will need help later. But my question is different. To make it easier let me clarify, so that one can understand better. Say you have to design a stepdown transformer. Specifications as under: Input voltage- 230v, Output volt is 14v @ 650 mA. Core Area is 1.90 cm (tongue width) and 2.00 (stack height) Now what will be the Primary Turns, Primary Current, Primary wire Gauge. What will be the Secondary turns and Secondary wire gauge. What is the Turns per volt. How to choose wire gauge (enamelled copper wire) My calculations says: TPV: 12.73, PTurn-2929, STurn-178 Pri.wire gauge-38/39 swg; Sec.wire gauge-25/26 swg Am I right or wrong? Please suggest.
  2. In step down transformer is it that Ampere changes in accordance with Turns. I mean to say that in the Table I found: 38 swg wire has 0.0365 amp @ 200 amp per square cm. and 3507 turns per sq.cm. If i wind 4000 turns shall I arrive at 0.042 Ampere that means current increases with increase in Turns. Raw Formula = (0.0365/3503) x 4000 = 0.0416 Please help am I right. This is required for small step down transformers from 300mA to 1 Amp.
  3. Thanks a lot for updates about transistor equivalent.. Keep it up. Regards
  4. Sir, Can anyone help me finding Replacement of Power Transistors; 2SD613 - NPN , 2SD633 - PNP both complimentary pairs 2SD600 & 2SB631 both complimentary pairs The above are used in power amplifier sections of Sonodyne Model SCR2061. The exact transistors not readily available in India. Thanks in advance, Regards
  5. Dear All, Can anyone guide how to install efficiently with Analogue Satellite Finder with Gardiner make FTA receiver. Stepwise instruction will be very helpful. Thanks in advance. electronics_shamim
  6. Dear All, Can anyone help me find the above Schematics for Philips Two-in-One Indian origin Model: DR435 and AKAI AJ W239. thanks in advance. Regards Electronics_sham India ====
  7. Try for Panasonic having the same model no. Regds
  8. Dear All, Can any one help me for any easy-to-use PCB software with Schematic capture option and libraries (12 Pin SIP) for newbies. Thanks in advance. electronics_shamim ====
  9. It is a waste of "power" so generated by the tfmr i.e. 150KVA. If you have the requirement of 5 KVA then you can go for a 7KVA max. Is not it!!!
  10. Hi everyone, Can any one tell me site for downloading easy PCB design software or what is the easy PCB software available with basic computer knowledge ? Regards, electronics_shamim
  11. Dear All, Can any one help me Schematic or Service manual for the model shown below" SANYO Korea : CD Radio Double deck cassette recorder Model: MCD 510K Thanks in advance. truly yours electroncis_shamim ====
  12. Dear Mr. Sarma, The site you advised is not free. There are so many paid sites wherein I have already located my requisite info. But, I want some free sites, whereby it can be helpful. Please let me know if there is any free sites for service manuals. Regards, truly yours, shamim ====
  13. Sirs, I need the following Service Manuals. Any help from any angle is highly appreciated. I tried to locate in www.eserviceinfo.com, but failed. Moreover, in the forum also, response very poor. I find this forum very very helpful. Herewith remain in anticipation: SANYO MC-S680K SONY FH-150R Home Audio National RX-CW55 Two-in-One SONY FH-55W " " SONY CFS-B5S " " SONY CFS-W365S " " SONY FH-7 MKII Regards Shamim ====
  14. Dear Mr. Sarma, Thanks for the efforts sending the photo of a 2-in-1, but not the one which I meant. It is black in colour and slightly longer (horizontally) and height is short. I will get the photo shortly. Donn't worry please. Bear with me for the time being. regards, shamim
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