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  1. hi, freind, the items of build this is too more kinds. if you can purchase more than 500 sets,i think we are glad to supply . you know. if you only need one set, the price will be very very high( handing fee) pls understand. i come from china ,we supply all kinds of components ,especialized in repair line. payment accept PAYPAL.western union ,OR T.T. shipment: EMS,OR FEDEX we have some customer in Indonesia ,i hope we can establish long-term trade pls give me e-mail if you need any component, sepeciately stop-producted,hand-find, MY msn: michael.wg@hotmail.com skype : mich
  2. hi, we have shipped out to you of this it to you.hope you get it asap. best regards. Michael. Essence technology limited TEL: 86 13556378928 FAX: 86 754 6553962 we have especialized in electronic over 19years.most of our customers of china distribute repairs line and graduate school ,we also have plenty of overseas customers,pls find our reference in enlosed documents. because we have many years experience for repairs line,so we can convince you of our service,we hope to establish long-term trade relationships with you. pls give me e-mail if you need any component, sepeciatel
  3. so glad to hear from you .i think you are serious. i will expalin this to you.yes as you said ,someone would rather buy components in locate company,but i think if you buy some items will be cheaper from us than in your locate market, even if there is import duty,for example,some company (trade,broker) buy from us ,then sold to you,but the price will be high , i know some items will be cheaper in your locate market, but we specialized obsolete,stop-producted,and i think some items it is impossible to find it in you locate market ,WHY?because it is stop-producted,and obsolete ,but some machin
  4. hi, freind, this is michael from china, the four items we can supply ,our company specialized in obsolete 1. TAA762; QTY 10; dip 6 or sop 6,pls advise. 2. UPA53C; QTY 10; dip14 3. DAP401; QTY 20; sip5 4. DAN401; QTY 20; sip-5 due to i just see your inquiry ,i would like to know if it is still avaliable now. if sure,pls give me reply. by e-mail micchina@gmail.com ,if not. that's all right, if you have any inquiry in future ,pls give me e-mail. we specialize it . we are company specialized in supply all kinds of components to REPAIR LINE.especiately stop-producted,hand-find, W
  5. subject: supply all kinds of components ,especialized in repair line,Lab, we are company specialized in supply all kinds of components to REPAIR LINE. especiately stop-producted, hand-find, We have many costomer in repair line,LAB,.so we hope to enter into business relations with you by the commencement of some practical transactions. we know in repair line the inquiry quantity is very small in general,but we are good at it. we have competitive offer in module(dc,ac.),integrate circuit,transistor,MOS,high-frequency circuit,especially used,stop-product.hard-to-find.
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