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  1. I found second mark on other telephone TC 91415.Is it better or not?
  2. Hello, I am looking for IC MQ91415 datasheet ,22 pin IC from a telephone, but I did not find it.Does anybody know where to find it?
  3. HI Addo,I am sorry but I dont understand your question.What is your comp spec? Have you anything on your monitor.... etc :o
  4. Hi Goldeneye. When you connect 2 pc with 1 printer with usb switch how can you print with first pc?very simple.(with hot keys on your keyboard)You must 2xpush "scroll" key on your keyboard,than switch knows that you want to print with this pc where you push scroll key.on second pc it is the same. 2xpush "scroll"key then you send "print" command from your pc.Sorry about my English. best regards,Kruno
  5. hi. if you want to use DVI cable you probably have DVi connector on your graphics card or not? have you DVI connector on your LCD monitor? I have both but the picture is not better with DVI cable so why to buy it??Maybe one day it will be better but now.. Kruno
  6. how do you know that cpu is working? cpu fan is running? fan on graphics bord is running too??(only if you have active cooler).it is not enough to say the cpu is running!! maybe you have to try to change power supply or graphics adapter(if it is not onboard) and finnaly motherboard can be problem too. Kruno
  7. Excuse me, do you mean "our project section" are all shemas on Electronics Lab or anything else? Thanks , Kruno
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