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  1. i am designing a 6 amps h bridge bidirectional dc motor driver ckt. the current rating is 4amps @ 12v.. i m using a pmos on top and nmos on bottom. the prob is that the upper pmos is getting hot like anything. i used a transisitor to drive the upper mosfet and a logic level +5v for the lower one. i even tried connecting one cap(i microfarad) and one resistor(one kiloohm) b/w gate and gnd,but in vain. can anyone suggest some tested soln to this prob please...
  2. I am new to an Electronics. I am basically a software developer. I am planning to develop one robotic who will see the object in front of it and scan it and store it as image/map/or in pixel. May i know how to go for it? My basic questions are: 1. How it will look the object and scan an image and store? 2. Any Laser technolgy is required? 3. How to build an electronic circuit? 4. Overall flow. 5. In which language do i need to develop software program if any action is required?
  3. Hello, i am using a PIC12F629 , I want to drive 2 motors off 2 pins, right now it moves 1 motor for what i have programmed it for, but i was wondering whats the best method of making it more powerful/faster. what would you guys recomend for me to do. I am also using 2 LEDs that blink before the motor so i know the code works, it is running on a 4 AAA battery pack for now
  4. I have this transistor 3904. My question is: what is the max voltage I can apply to the base? Is EB voltage it? Why is CB voltage is so high? And why is there any voltage there at all? CE voltage makes sense but CB voltage?
  5. I'm using a pic and wanted to know of the simplest design to switch between 4 electromagnets on and off. I tried with some mosfets but i couldn't seem to get it to work? And ideas
  6. Im Tryin Put Probly Like 20 Small 3 Volt Batterys In Series To Power Somthing That Takes 3.7 Volts.. Do I Just Do The Math And See What Size Resistor I Need.. I Take Every 3 Volts For Each Battery And Times It By The 20 Ill Have In A Series . 60 Volts Right.. Am I Way Off? Can Any One Steer Me In The Right Direction. And How To Resisist It And All That.. ;D
  7. i'm looking for a square wave generator circuit that can operate at a stable yet variable frequency (about 100-250kHz) at as close to 50% duty as possible and with quick rising and falling edges.
  8. can infrared lights(signal?) go through solids or liquids?
  9. I pulled a transformer from a UPS, and was wondering approximatly how much current it is rated for (even a real rough estimate is all I'm looking for). It is about 5"X5"X5". The output voltage is rated at 31V (CT, and voltages are marked). The wires coming from it are #10. (I really wish I could take a picture of it, but my dad took his digital camera for the weekend). Any guesses are welcome.... If you want to know something a little more specific, just ask
  10. I have a question about a transformer. I need to know about the input voltage. If i were to buy a neon sign transformer that says it is an input (primary) of 120 volts and an output (secondary) of 15 kilovolts, do I have to give it 120 volts on the primary? The ending voltage does not matter. All I need to know is if I give it a different voltage, will it still work? My second question is: Can I flip a transformer around and put voltage on the secondary to get a different on the primary? Just wondering!!!
  11. hi there , i need to convert a 15v dc to a 15v ac 50 hz, is this possible for a beginer like me? i herd you can do this based on a 555 astable
  12. I have a very simple circuit that oscillates an LED with a program on the 16F628. I am using a 4Mhz crystal and I find that the program will not run at all when the capacitors connecting each pin of the oscillator to ground are connected, but runs when they are connected.I am using 22pf capacitors, I have tried 10pf and 45pf. The oscillator is a crystal oscillator and it recommends 18-35pf in the datasheet. Any ideas? I need to stabilise the oscillator as it will be used for data output. It's a PIC16f628 ::)
  13. Why you think bluetooth is one way for do it
  14. I am building a robot that will be controlled by a remote PC, via a wireless link of some sort. The PC will receive sensor data from the robot wirelessley, process the data by writing some software, and then send out instructions to set the a microcontroller's I/O lines high or low, again wirelessley. Does anybody know how this can be achieved, or if there is any existing hardware out there to perform this function? Thank you,
  15. I need to make the robot for carry the PCB now i need to choose motor for do it you think steping motor is ok or not
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