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  1. tat mean my redo my PCB board? My transistor connection is ok.... when i solder can my solder hot damage my component?? how can i troubleshoot it?
  2. my circuit is not work...help!! [img width=680 height=510] 1. when i open switch 2...the buzzer and LED will sound and light 2gether...Switch still close. 2. my trimet is set to the low point, the LED still like.... wat happen? wat troubleshooting step should i take?
  3. The hook inside the circuit must use brass?? Can i use any single core wayar and cut off the PVC insulator cover???
  4. 1. what is the value of 2 capacitor? it write in 2^2 and 100^ is mean what????
  5. oh..ok... Sir, 1. the 10 mH inductor is so hard to get at my place here...is the size is same like other inductor in green color like resistor? 2. this site is from which country? 3. can i buy component online?? 4. any other circuit recomend oscilator circuit..better can try in breadboard.... thank you.. ;)
  6. that mean, i cant use breadboard to try do my circuit???
  7. Help.. Im doing my electronic course project... Im choosing the door alarm project from this site. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/sensors/020/index.html 1. There inductor 1 must be in 20 to 30 turns? it dont care how long the wire diameter we use? 2. the miniature inductor there is counting in mili or micro henry?? 3. If i trying my circuit in breadbroad (solderless circuit board), it may be not work??? :(
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